Lexicon: jargoning – jeopardy

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jargoning, verbal n. [OF gargonner, 'to warble, chatter, jabber, talk'.]

Twittering; warbling; chattering; unintelligible talk.

Jason, proper n. [Gk iasthai, to heal; see also Heb. Joshua, the Lord heals.]

Hero in Greek mythology; legendary husband of Medea; man who led the Argonauts through various adventures in order to obtain the golden fleece from King Æetes.

jasper, adj. [OFr; noun acting as adjective.]

Rhomboidal quartz; precious mineral; gem material with a fine polish; [fig.] heavenly; celestial; glorious (see Revelation 21:18-19).

jaw (-s), n. [uncertain origin, poss. < OE céowan, chew.] (webplay: teeth).

Framework of the mouth; bones in which the teeth are set.

jay (-s), n. [OFr.] (webplay: bird).

Blue jay; bird with striking plumage; flying creature that chatters noisily; [fig.] fowl signaling the winter season.

jealous, adj. [OFr gelos < L. < Gk 'emulation, zeal, jealousy'.] (webplay: God, good, loves).

  1. Envious; begrudging of superior qualities in others; desirous to obtain for oneself another's advantageous blessings; resentful towards another on account of suspected rivalry; troubled by the suspicion that the good which one wants to gain for oneself may be diverted to another.
  2. Possessive; committed to mutual faithfulness; having a love that demands loyalty and priority of the beloved; [Biblical Hebrew quannah] sensitive; tender; having deep feelings; (see Exodus 20:3-5, 34:14).

jealousy (jealousies), n. [OFr gelosie, see jealous, adj.] (webplay: desire).

  1. Envy; resentment derived from comparison of oneself to a rival.
  2. Uneasy feeling; distress that another person enjoys something desired for oneself.

Jehovah (-s, -'s), proper n. [Heb. Yahweh, to be, exist < hāwāh, to be, to exist, he that is, the self-existent, the one ever coming into manifestation.] (webplay: God, spirit).

  1. Adonai; the Lord; just and merciful Deity; the God of the Bible; loving almighty ruler of the universe; name of the Creator of the world; (see Exodus 6:2-3; ED letters).
  2. Deity; higher power; supreme being; member of the Godhead.

jeopardize, v. [see jeopardy, n.] (webplay: death).

Venture; expose to risk; put in the way of danger.

jeopardy, n. [OFr iu parti, even game, divided play, uncertain chance, orig. a term of chess < L. jocus partitus.]

Risk of harm; exposure to loss; vulnerability to danger; susceptibility to injury.