Lexicon: Jerusalem – jib

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Jerusalem, proper n. [prob. < Old Hebrew shalem, 'house of peace' or 'house of stone'; poss. < salem, name of a Semitic god who was the city's patron.]

Holy City; metropolis in Palestine; [fig.] heavenly city where someone would want to be.

Jerusalem, proper n. [Old Hebrew yarah 'threw, cast' < yerushalayim 'founded in peace'.]

Holy City; metropolis in Palestine; place on Mount Moriah where Isaac met his bride Rebekah for the first time (see 2 Chronicles 3:1); place of pilgrimage where the Jew Isaac and his daughter Rebecca fled in Ivanhoe; [fig.] home; promised land; (see Isaiah 52:1; ED letters).

jessamine (-s), n. [Fr. jasmin.]

Climbing flowered plant; ascending shrub with fragrant blossoms; [fig] sweet-smelling balm.

jest (-'s), n. [OFr geste, action, exploit, romance.] (webplay: earnest, play, truth).

Joke; diversion; merry-making.

jest, v. [see joke, n.]

Laugh; play around; make a joke; say light-hearted things; engage in clever small-talk.

Jesuit, proper n. [L. Jēsūīta, little Jesus; see Jesus, proper n.]

Member of the “Society of Jesus”; monk of the order that Ignatius Loyola founded in 1533; Roman Catholic priest that espouses strict obedience to the Pope; one who has received elite intellectual and spiritual training; [personification] oriole; yellow bird; [fig.] zealot; pretender; deceiver; cunning one; shrewd creature.

Jesus, proper n. [L. < Gk < Heb. yehôshûa, God is salvation, and < Aramaic Jeshua, savior, healing; see also Christ, proper n.]

  1. Given name of the Son of God (see Matthew 1:21); Holy One who selected twelve disciples (see John 15:16); Jewish leader who was abandoned by His followers.
  2. Christ; the Rabbi from Nazareth; the Master, whose chief apostle could not acknowledge Him because of eminent danger at Caiaphas' palace (see Matthew 26:69).
  3. Suffering Servant; Savior who had mercy on a thief crucified next to Him (see Luke 23:43).
  4. Good Shepherd; divine friend who knocks at the door of each human life (see Revelation 3:20).
  5. King of the Jews; supreme being who allows some disciples to remain alive instead of experiencing death (see John 8:51, 21:22-24).
  6. Redeemer who rescues mortals from death and sin; (see John 18:7; see ED's letters) (see Matthew 11:28).
  7. Sinless eternal being; He who drank a bitter cup of agony as an atonement for all humankind (see Luke 22:42).
  8. Phrase. “Jesus Christ of Nazareth”: New Testament divine personage; prophet of Galilee who walked on water and rescued Peter from drowning (see Matthew 14:31).

Jew, proper n. [ME < OFr < L. < Gk < Heb. yehûdhāh, Judah, praise, celebrate.]

  1. Israelite; one of Hebrew ancestry; one whose religion is Judaism; person of the tribe of Judah in the House of Israel (see ED's letters); [fig.] businessman; moneylender; usurer; individual obsessed with money [see Shylock in SH's Merchant of Venice.]
  2. Banker; connoisseur; owner; rich person; collector of fine treasures; one who accumulates wealth; [fig.] Lord; Savior; Redeemer; Jesus of Nazareth.
  3. Wealthy person; well-dressed man; individual wearing fine clothing and precious ornaments; [word play] jewel; multi-faceted stone.

jewel (-s), n. [Anglo Fr. juel.] (webplay: fondness).

  1. Precious stone; gem that sparkles; [metonymy] piece of jewelry.
  2. Rare mineral specimen; stone such as a diamond, amethyst, topaz, or emerald; [fig.] thought; idea for a poem; inspiration for creative writing.
  3. Pearl; [fig.] sun; ball of sunset light; radiant solar globe that sustains life on earth; [metaphor] love; gospel; promise of redemption.
  4. Ornament of great worth; [fig.] colorful flower; blossom having bright hues; [fig.] poetry.

jib, n. [unknown origin.]

Sail; frontmost canvas sheet for wind control on a ship; triangular cloth stretching from the boom to the mast in a large ship; [fig.] wing of a butterfly; [metaphor] breeze; gust of wind.