Lexicon: journey – judge

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journey (-ing), v. [see journey, n.] (webplay: day).

Walk; travel; go from one place to another.

Jove, proper n. [L. Jovis-pater, shining father; see Jupiter, proper n.] (webplay: god).

Roman supreme deity; Zeus in Greek mythology; [fig.] God the Father; deity of the Bible; euphemism for Jehovah in Shakespeare's time; [metaphor] judge; ruler; lawmaker; (see ED's letters).

joy (-s, -'s), n. [OFr joie, joy, jewel.] (webplay: balm, cause, cross, delight, desire, endured, expectation, feelings, gayety, gladness, good, happiness, joy, juggle, love, play, pleasurable, possessing, prospect, rejoice, shout, spirits, transport).

  1. Delight; gladness; state of pleasure.
  2. Jubilation; exultation; glad exclamation; cry of happiness; expression of jubilance; [fig.] bird song.
  3. Cause of happiness; reason for exultation.

joyful, adj. [see joy, n.] (webplay: cause, soul).

  1. Delightful; exultant; jubilant; pleasing.
  2. Merry; mirthful; cheery; happy; glad.

joyful, adv. [see joy, n.] (webplay: cause, soul).

Happily; gladly; exultantly; cheerfully; blessedly.

joyous, adv. [see joy, n.] (webplay: birds).

Merrily; happily; cheerfully; blithely.

jubilee, n. [Fr. jubilé, to shout for joy < L. < Gk. < Heb.] (webplay: joy).

  1. Exultation; complete bliss.
  2. Joy; celebration; time of rejoicing; [allusion] liberation; emancipation; ceremony in which complete forgiveness and freedom are granted; fiftieth year in the Old Testament calendar, when slaves are granted liberty and debts forgiven (see Leviticus 25).

Judas, proper n. [L. < Gk < Heb. 'celebrated'; see Iscariot.]

Judas Iscariot; disciple who betrayed Jesus Christ; man who revealed the location and identity of Christ to enemies for thirty pieces of silver; [fig.] traitor; betrayer; apostate; evil informer; (see Matthew 26; see also ED's letters).

Judea, proper n. [L. < Heb. j'hudah, praise.]

Jewish homeland; ancient kingdom named for Jacob's fourth son; territory of the Israelites after they returned from exile in Babylon; province in which Jesus Christ lived, taught, healed, died, and rose again from the dead; (see Luke 1:5); [fig.] place where much great suffering has taken place throughout history.

judge, n. [OFr juge < L. jūdicem.] (webplay: hear).

Magistrate; jurist; legal expert; authority figure; determiner of truth; one who presides in a court of justice; [fig.] seer; wise man.