Lexicon: judge – julep

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judge (judged), v. [OFr jugier < L. jūdicāre.] (webplay: distinguish, pass).

  1. Critique; examine; analyze; evaluate.
  2. Consider; regard; view; decide; determine; pass judgment; discern character.
  3. Surmise; conjecture; hypothesize.
  4. Form an opinion; come to a conclusion; decide the merits of.

judged, verbal n. [see judge, v.]

Defendant; prosecuted person; one being examined by the standards of truth in a court of law; one whose life is tried, sentenced, censured, doomed, acquitted, or vindicated after death.

judgment, n. [see judge, v.] (webplay: God, fair, grace, mind, passing, power, race, right, spirit, world).

  1. Day of reckoning; time appointed by God to decide the fate of individuals based on the choices of their mortal probation.
  2. Deity; God; the Lord; Jesus Christ as the mediator of humankind.
  3. Condemnation; punishment; guilty verdict; doom pronounced for recompense of broken laws.
  4. Act of judging; process of comparing ideas in the mind to ascertain truth; action of examining facts and arguments to determine propriety and justice; [fig] faculty of humankind to examine in the mind.
  5. Act of passing sentence; determination of a court of law.
  6. Phrase. “Judgment Day”: doomsday; day of reckoning; time of accountability; moment when the Lord will interview individuals about their choices in life; great and dreadful day of the Lord (see Malachi 4:5).
  7. Phrase. “Judgment Seat of God”: heavenly bar; divine tribunal; court on high; bench of moral accountability; place where the Lord sits when interviewing resurrected individuals.

jug (-s), n. [origin uncertain.] (webplay: liquors).

  1. Jar; vase; narrow-necked pitcher of earthenware, glass, or metal; [fig.] flower; cup of petals that hold pollen.
  2. Vessel; container for holding pollen; [fig.] body of a bee.

juggler (-'s), n. [OFr jougelour < L.] (webplay: playing, practices).

  1. Showgirl; jester; magician; circus performer; one who tosses multiple colorful balls sequentially in a circle into the air and catches them again.
  2. Swindler; trickster; dexterous person who deceives by sleight of hand.

jugular, adj. [L. jugul-um, collar-bone, neck, throat.]

Vascular; circulatory; pulsing; of the neck; of the main blood vessel in the throat; [fig.] vital; blood red.

jugular, n. [see jugular, adj.] (webplay: vein).

Large vein of the neck; great blood vessel of the throat; [fig.] nervure; network in a leaf; spreading web of plant growth.

juice (-s), n. [Fr. jus < L. 'broth, sauce, juice of animal or plant'.]

Sap; sweet liquid of fruit; nectar of a flower; watery substance which can be extracted from vegetation.

juicy, adj. [see juice, n.]

Moist; succulent; [fig.] stimulating; salivating.

julep (-s), n. [Fr. < L. julapium < Ar. < Pers. 'rose-water'.] (webplay: liquor).

  1. Jelly; [fig.] honey; sweet product of the industry of bees; [metaphor] charity; good works.
  2. Sweet beverage; mint-flavored syrup-sweetened liquid; sugar-flavored drink that serves a base for medicines; [fig.] nectar gathered from a flower.