Lexicon: Juliet – Jupiter

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Juliet, proper n. [Fr. < L. 'downy-face' < Julius, downy, hairy, Roman family name.]

Lover; darling; sweetheart; young wife in Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet.

July, proper n. [ME < OFr < L. Julius, 'hairy'; Roman family name.] (webplay: year).

Seventh month; hot summer period in the northern hemisphere; yearly interval named for Julius Caesar after his death in 44 B.C.; [fig.] growing season; time of germination after the danger of frost has passed.

jumbled, verbal adj. [Probably onomatopoeic.]

Scattered; strewn; set in a disorderly fashion; fixed in a random order.

jump, v. [Probably onomatopoeic.]

Leap over; bound across; [fig.] escape; fly across.

junction, n. [L. jungere, to join.]

Rendezvous; meeting-point; place of union.

June, proper adj. [see June, proper n.] (webplay: sun).

Midsummer; pleasantly warm; most illuminated; most enlightened; high spring; pertaining to the longest day.

June, proper n. [ME < Fr. < L. Juno, Roman goddess of marriage, wife of Jupiter; possibly < L. juvenis, young.] (webplay: sign, sun, year).

  1. Springtime; the sixth month of the year; time of the year when roses bloom; [personification] youth; period of warm sunny charming days.
  2. Midsummer; late spring; traditional month for marriage; period of long days in the northern hemisphere; [fig.] renewal; rebirth.

junior, adj. [L. < comp. juvenis, young.]

  1. Minor; secondary; subordinate; lower ranking; of lesser standing.
  2. Younger; early; newer; less mature.

junior, n. [see junior, adj.]

Younger; young-at-heart; mature but healthier person.

Jupiter, proper n. [L. Jovis-pater, shining father; see Jove.]

Zeus; divine being; supreme deity of the Roman pantheon; planet named after the Roman god; (see ED's letters).