Definition for Head (-s)

head (-s), n. [OE héafod < Germanic.] (webplay: ax, bed, brain, face, hair, hearing, honor, liberty, place, power, presence, seeing, tasting, top).

  1. Face; [metonymy] deceased person; [fig.] bloom; blossom; seed pod of a flowering plant.
  2. Chief; principal person; [word play] anatomic head.
  3. Title; binding of a book.
  4. Person; individual.
  5. Uppermost part of the human physique; foremost portion of an animal's body; appendage supported by the neck which contains the organs of sight, smell, taste, and hearing; [fig.] organ of reason; container of the brain; seat of the intellect.
  6. Disk; globe; [personification] sun.

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