Definition for Tune (-s)

tune (-s), n. [OFr ton, < L. tonus, stretching quality of sound, tone in painting; see tone, n.]

  1. Line; strain; musical message; [fig.] style; kind of expression; way of communicating; manner of being.
  2. Murmur; babble; sound of water.
  3. Melody; series of musical notes; non-verbal part of a song; series of notes for voice or instrument.
  4. Harmony; union of two parts of a song.
  5. Canticle; hymn; song of praise; prayer set to music; [fig.] poem; lyric verse.
  6. Birdsong; music of nature.
  7. Sound; rustle; pleasant noise; [fig.] zephyr; musical sound; [word play] air, as a breeze or wind current, and air, as a piece of music.
  8. Buzz; insect noise.
  9. Song; ballad.
  10. Celebration; musical expression.
  11. Pulse; rhythmic sound; martial music; pattern of beats.
  12. Dirge; sound of lamentation.
  13. Rumble; ominous sound.
  14. Literary talent; poetic gift.

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