Definition for Dead

dead, verbal adj. [OE déad; cognate to Old High Saxon touwen, die.] (webplay: action, ball, blood, caught, cold, common, daily, depart, divine, drops, dull, Egypt, enemy, faint, fame, force, frost, gloomy, God, Greek, grief, hands, head, heart, inactive, kill, Latin, life, livest, lose, love, manner, men, murder, name, nature, passed, people, poor, sight, sleep, soul, sound, spoken, stone, surface, tasteless, time, truth, warmth, water, weight, wind, words, world).

  1. Lifeless; inanimate; no longer alive; without life; (see Exodus 21:35).
  2. Ended; completed; finished; extinct; over; [fig.] asleep; numbed; (see Galatians 2:19).
  3. Fleeting; deteriorating; disintegrating; dissolving; dissipated.

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