Definition for Dew (-s)

dew (-s), n. [OE.] (webplay: earth, escape, heat, held, near, night, on).

  1. Moisture on the grass; condensation of water on the ground at dawn; (see Exodus 16:13).
  2. Balm; liquid that settles from the cool air overnight; [fig.] sacred anointing oil.
  3. Moisture from heaven; water of life; [fig.] creation; paradise (see Genesis 27:28).
  4. Freshness; dawn; morning hours; time of refreshing; [fig.] early years; morning of life; (see Psalms 110:3).
  5. Nectar; balm; ambrosia; floral essence; nature's liquor; [fig.] juice; libation; new wine; distilled drink; (see Song of Solomon 5:2).
  6. Vapor; evaporation.
  7. Mist; light rain; (see 2 Samuel 1:21).
  8. Cut flowers; blossoms set in water.
  9. Drops of water; beads of moisture.
  10. Freezing water drops.
  11. Canteen; water supply; life source; [fig.] joy; delight; gladness; [metaphor] inspiration; poetry; creative power.
  12. Renewal; spring; new season; [fig.] immersion; baptism into new life; [metaphor] resurrection; (see Deuteronomy 33:28).
  13. Perspiration; sweat; tears.
  14. Youth; younger years.
  15. Dampness; water collected on the earth during the night and early morning.
  16. Brook; creek; fountain; spring; stream; flood; inundation.
  17. Evening ground mist; condensation on the fields at dusk.
  18. Moisture cycle; daily water conversion; [personification] sprite; water nymph.
  19. Oasis; [fig.] fullness; satisfaction; perfection; paragon; [metaphor] true love; complete sense of joy.
  20. Phrase. “Dews of Thessaly”: refreshment; [fig.] healing; relief; succor; restoration to health.

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