Definition for Dust

dust, n. [OE dúst; vapor, that which rises or is blown in a cloud.] (webplay: blood, brush, earth, fine, floor, God, grave, low, poor, rooms, sea, sleep, sweep, unorganized, warmth, wind).

  1. Powder; disintegrated remains of a human body; (see Leviticus 17:13).
  2. Dirt; earth reduced to specks that float in the air; (see Genesis 2:7); residue of tiny particles that collect on furniture and other surfaces.
  3. Remains; something disintegrated; (see Genesis 18:27).
  4. Grave; burial place; (see Job 34:15).
  5. Something worthless; low condition; (see Psalms 30:9).
  6. Corpse; corporal elements; [metonymy] physical body; mortal shell.

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