Definition for Breathe (-d, -s, breathing)

breathe (-d, -s, breathing), v. [see breath, n.] (webplay: accent, air, breath, breathing-place, expire, greyhounds, live, Lord God, lungs, open, pause, spirit, vein, vital, vow).

  1. Whisper; utter softly; speak privately; [fig.] confide; make known.
  2. Inhale and exhale; process air through the lungs; [fig.] live; subsist; (see Joshua 11:11).
  3. Exist; show life force; [fig.] purr; yowl; make vibrant animal sounds.
  4. Absorb; assimilate; internalize; infuse; gather.
  5. Gasp; draw in air; respond with admiration.
  6. Flutter; flicker; waver; hover; palpitate; [fig.] betray; vacillate; be unfaithful.
  7. Share; experience; partake of; have in common.
  8. Inhale deeply; rest from action; recover from panic.
  9. Circulate; disperse; mobilize; pass around; cause to move.
  10. Speak; communicate; express truth; transmit knowledge; (see John 20:22); [fig.] commune.

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