Definition for Butterfly (-'s, butterflies)

butterfly (-'s, butterflies), n. [compound of OE 'fatty substance obtained from cream by churning' + OE 'winged insect'; see fly, n.] (webplay: caterpillars, change, chrysalids, insects, wings, yellow).

  1. Imago; insect that has completed all stages of metamorphosis; [fig.] transformed creature; transfigured being; resurrected person.
  2. Papilio; insect of the Lepidoptera order; slender-bodied insect with two pairs of broad beautiful colored wings; larvae that emerges from a cocoon as a delicate flying creature with knobbed antennae.
  3. Golden clouds; glorious colors; bright lights moving on the horizon at dusk.
  4. Larger insect; mid-sized flying entity.
  5. Angelic creature; heavenly messenger; celestial courier.

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