Definition for EL'E-GANT

EL'E-GANT, a. [L. elegans.]

  1. Polished; polite; refined; graceful; pleasing to good taste; as, elegant manners.
  2. Polished; neat; pure; rich in expressions; correct in arrangement; as, an elegant style or composition.
  3. Uttering or delivering elegant language with propriety and grace; as, an elegant speaker.
  4. Symmetrical; regular; well formed in its parts, proportions and distribution; as, an elegant structure.
  5. Nice; sensible to beauty; discriminating beauty from deformity or imperfection; as, an elegant taste. [This is a loose application of the word; elegant being used for delicate.]
  6. Beautiful in form and colors; pleasing; as, an elegant flower.
  7. Rich; costly and ornamental; as, elegant furniture or equipage.

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