Definition for EN-CHASE'

EN-CHASE', v.t. [Fr. enchasser; Sp. engastar, or encaxar, from caxa, a box, a chest; Port. encastoar, encaxar; It. incastonare; Fr. chassis, a frame; Eng. a case.]

  1. To infix or inclose in another body so as to be held fast, but not concealed. Johnson.
  2. Technically, to adorn by embossed work; to enrich or beautify any work in metal, by some design or figure in low relief, as a watch case. Encyc.
  3. To adorn by being fixed on it. To drink in bowls which glittering gems enchase. Dryden.
  4. To mark by incision. Fairfax.
  5. To delineate. Spenser.

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