Definition for TECH'NIC, or TECH'NIC-AL

TECH'NIC, or TECH'NIC-AL, a. [L. technicus; Gr. τεχνικος, from τεχνη, art, artifice, from τευχω, to fabricate, make or prepare. This word and τασσω have the same elements.]

  1. Pertaining to art or the arts. A technical word is a word that belongs properly or exclusively to an art; as, the verb to smelt, belongs to metallurgy. So we say, technical phrases, technical language. Every artificer has his technical terms.
  2. Belonging to a particular profession; as, the words of an indictment must be technical. Blackstone, Index. It is of the utmost importance clearly to understand the technical terms used by the eastern theologians. Prof. Lee.

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