Definition for AC-COM-MO-DA'TION


  1. Fitness; adaptation; – followed by to. The organization of the body with accommodation to it functions. – Hale.
  2. Adjustment of differences; reconciliation; as of parties in dispute.
  3. Provision of conveniences.
  4. In the plural, conveniences; things furnished for use; – chiefly applied to lodgings.
  5. In mercantile language, accommodation is used for a loan of money, which is often a great convenience. An accommodation note, in the language of bank directors, is one drawn and offered for discount, for the purpose of borrowing its amount, in opposition to a note, which the owner has received in payment for goods. In England, accommodation bill, is one given instead of a loan of money. – Crabbe.
  6. It is also used of a note lent merely to accommodate the borrower.
  7. In theology, accommodation is the application of one thing to another by analogy, as of the words of a prophecy to future event. Many of those quotations were probably intended as nothing more than accommodations. – Paley.
  8. In marine language, an accommodation ladder is a light ladder hung over the side of a ship at the gangway.

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