Definition for AC-COM'PLISH

AC-COM'PLISH, v.t. [Fr. accomplir, to finish, from ad and L. compleo, to complete. See Complete.]

  1. To complete; to finish entirely. That He would accomplish seventy years in the desolation of Jerusalem. – Dan. ix.
  2. To execute; as, to accomplish a vow, wrath or fury. – Lev. xiii. and xx.
  3. To gain; to obtain or effect by successful exertions; as, to accomplish a purpose. – Prov. xiii.
  4. To fulfill or bring to pass; as, to accomplish a prophecy. This that is written must yet be accomplished in me. – Luke xxii.
  5. To furnish with qualities which serve to render the mind or body complete, as with valuable endowments and elegant manners.

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