Definition for A'LIEN

A'LIEN, n. [ālyen.]

  1. A foreigner; one born in, or belonging to, another country; one who is not a denizen, or entitled to the privileges of a citizen.
  2. In Scripture, one who is a stranger to the church of Christ, or to the covenant of grace. At that time, ye were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel. – Eph. ii. In France, a child born of residents who are not citizens is an alien. In Great Britain, the children of aliens born it that country, are mostly natural born subjects; and the children of British subjects, owing allegiance to the crown of England, though born in other countries, are natural subjects, and entitled to the privileges of resident citizens. – Blackstone. Alien-duty, a tax upon goods imported by aliens, beyond the duty on the like goods imported by citizens; a discriminating duty on the tunnage of ships belonging to aliens, or any extra duties imposed by laws or edicts on aliens.

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