Definition for AL'WAY, or AL'WAYS

AL'WAY, or AL'WAYS, adv. [all and way; Sax. eal, and weg, way; properly, a going, at all goings; hence, at all times.]

  1. Perpetually; throughout all time; as, God is always the same.
  2. Continually; without variation. I do alway those things which please him. – John viii. Matth. xxviii.
  3. Continually or constantly during a certain period, or regularly at stated intervals. Mephibosheth shall eat bread alway at my table. – 2 Sam. ix.
  4. At all convenient times; regularly. Cornelius prayed to God alway. – Acts x. Luke xviii. Eph. vi. Alway is now seldom used. The application of this compound to time proceeds from the primary sense of way, which is a going or passing; hence, continuation.

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