Lexicon: benefactor – bequeath

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benefactor, n. [L. 'do well'.] (webplay: charitable, makes).

Helper; patron; philanthropist; advocate; altruist; person who provides food; (see Luke 22:25).

beneficent, adj. [L. bene, well + ficium, doing.]

Benign; kindly; well-meaning; good-natured; well-intentioned.

benefit, n. [L. benefactum, good deed.] (webplay: good).

  1. Gift; present; donation; contribution (see Psalm 116:12); [word play on “Ben-” and “Bin”.]
  2. Advantage; clergy's entitlement; privilege of one's belonging to a special order.

benign, adj. [OFr < L. 'kindly'] (webplay: Creator).

Favorable; gracious; generous; kind; friendly.

bent, v. [see bend, v.]

bent, verbal adj. [see bend, v.] (webplay: crooked, plain).

  1. Curved; arched; crescent; semi-circular.
  2. Irregular; askew; aslant; awry; uneven; asymmetrical.

benumb (benumbed), v. [OE 'deprive'; see numb, adj.]

Deaden; desensitize; anesthetize; take the pain from; deprive of sensation; [fig.] stupefy.

benumbed, verbal adj. [see benumb, v.]

Dazed; amazed; shocked.

benumbing, verbal adj. [see benumb, v.] (webplay: feel).

Paralyzing; stupefying; immobilized; [fig.] empty; grief-stricken.

bequeath (-es, -ing, -s), v. [OE be- + cweðan, say.]

  1. Leave by will; allot by legal testament; bestow before death.
  2. Confer; grant; render; award; present; furnish; leave as a legacy; give as an inheritance; endow before passing away.
  3. Deliver; yield; entrust; commend.