Lexicon: beware – bier

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beware, v. [OE be- + 'guard, take charge'; see aware, adj. and wary, adj.]

  1. Mind; respect; notice; be careful around; pay close attention to; be wary of; be alert to the power of; (see Deuteronomy 6:12).
  2. Avoid; bypass; be suspicious of.

bewilder (-ed), v. ['be' + 'lead one astray'; see wild, adj. and wilderness, n. and bewilder, verbal adj.] (webplay: lost).

  1. Disorient; confuse; mislead; stupify; befuddle; [fig.] defeat; vanquish; put at a loss; [lit.] crush; trounce; (see Philip, proper n.).
  2. Perplex; dumbfound; puzzle; mystify; baffle.
  3. Overcome; overwhelm; amaze; strike with awe.

bewildered, verbal adj. [see bewilder, v. and wild, adj. and wilderness, n.]

  1. Uncertain; lacking direction; not knowing where to turn; [fig.] lost in the wilderness.
  2. Confused; [fig.] mortal; [lit.] nomadic; desert-dwelling.

bewildering, verbal adj. [see bewildered, verbal adj.]

Confusing; enigmatic; puzzling; causing perplexity.

beyond, adv. [OE be Ê’eondan.] (webplay: further, indefinite, reach).

  1. Over there; on the other side; [fig.] after death; in the spirit world; in the next life.
  2. Further on; in another dimension; in a different place; at a greater distance; [fig.] in immortality; after this life; on the farther side of mortality.
  3. Later; further in time.
  4. Phrase. “just beyond”: close; nearby but inaccessible; contiguous but unreachable; almost there but out of reach.

beyond, conj. [see beyond, adv.]

Phrase. “Beyond which”: where further on; where present but unseen.

beyond, prep. [see beyond, adv.] (webplay: above, before, death, degree, distance, gone, limit, pass, place, power, reach).

  1. On the other side of.
  2. Away from.
  3. Surpassing; exceeding; transcending; more than; greater than; past the limit of; reaching further than.
  4. Other than.
  5. Past; further on than; at a more distant point than.

Bible, n. [Fr. < late L. biblia, the books.] (webplay: volume).

Judeo-Christian scriptural text; Old and New Testament; sacred writings; collection of prophetic revelations; (see ED letters, “I read my Bible sometimes”).

bid (-s, bade), v. [OE boden.] (webplay: ask, prospect).

  1. Tell; say to; declare to; (see Luke 9:61).
  2. Make; oblige; charge; require to; charge to; direct to; force to; (see Acts 11:12).
  3. Order; send; command.

bier, n. [OE < Germanic beran, to bear.]

Portable funeral bed; framework for carrying a corpse to the grave; movable stand on which a dead body rests (see Luke 7:14); [fig.] death; grave.