Lexicon: blame – blank

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blame, adj. [see blame, v.]

Phrase. “To blame” [passive infinitive = “to be blamed”]: guilty; culpable; at fault; worthy of censure.

blame, n. [see blame, v.] (webplay: fault).

  1. Mistake; sin; problem; cause of an undesirable occurrence.
  2. Censure; disapprobation; scolding; criticism for a perceived wrongdoing (see Genesis 43:9).

blame (-d), v. [Fr. blâmer < L. blasphēmāre, to revile.]

Charge; accuse; censure; find fault with; attribute responsibility to (see 2 Corinthians 8:20).

blameless, adj. [see blame, v.]

Pure; chaste; virtuous; without fault; washed from sin; not meriting censure; giving no cause for condemnation (see 2 Peter 3:14).

blanch, v. [Fr. blanchir, to whiten] (webplay: obliterate).

  1. Disgrace; put to shame; cause to pale; make to back away with surprise; force to retreat out of respect.
  2. Flinch; cringe; shrink; balk; recoil; grow pale.

bland, adj. [L. blandus, mild, soft.]

Unobtrusive; calm; quiet; serene; placid; boring.

blandly, adv. [see bland, adj.]

Gently; smoothly; calmly; softly.

blank, adj. [Fr. blanc, white.]

Empty; vacant; void; deserted; barren; without content; devoid of life.

blank, adv. [see blank, adj.]

Ineffectually; futilely; uselessly; pointlessly; in vain.

blank, n. [see blank, adj.] (webplay: filled, gained, stamped).

  1. Void; emptiness; lack; vacancy; hollow space.
  2. Confusion; bewilderment; vacancy; non-understanding.
  3. Nothingness; nonexistence.