Lexicon: blanket – bleak

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blanket, n. [Fr. blankete, white + little.] (webplay: bed).

Covering; oblong cloth used to keep oneself warm while sleeping; [fig.] flower petal.

blanket, v. [see blanket, n.]

Cover; wrap; envelop; protect; [fig.] shroud; wind with funeral clothes.

blanketless, n. [see blanket, n.]

Cold; poor; unprotected; unsheltered ones; disadvantaged people.

blare, n. [imitative] (webplay: roar).

Noise; bellow; din; cacophony; disturbance; violent sound; [synesthesia] loud color; bright, gaudy sunset light.

blaspheme, v. [ME < Fr. < L. < Gk. 'speak profanely'.]

Disrespect; defile; disrupt; reproach; shock; scandalize; injure; arrogate the divine prerogatives of; offend because of opposing nature; (see Matthew 9:3).

blast, n. [OE < Germanic bl├Žsan, to blow.] (webplay: blow).

Violent burst; strong wind; gust of air; sudden rush; [fig.] tragedy; loss; attack; violence; destruction; (see Job 4:9; Isaiah 25:4).

blaze, n. [OE 'torch'.] (webplay: burn, day, flame, heat, light; white).

  1. Flamboyance; stream of bright color; [fig.] Northern Lights; wavy luminous pattern in the Aurora Borealis.
  2. Fire; illumination; burst of bright heat; intense luminosity; [fig.] flower; spray of plants.

blaze (-d, -ing), v. [see blaze, n] (webplay: day).

  1. Burn; illuminate; shine fervently; give off heat.
  2. Burst; break; flare; flash.

blazing, adj. [see blaze, n.]

Radiant; bright; brilliant; shining; intense; glaring; flaming.

bleak (-er), adj. [uncertain, poss. ON.]

  1. Barren; cold; empty; desolate; dreary; [fig.] weak; sickly; base; sinful; prone to wrongdoing.
  2. Sad; mournful; cheerless; disconsolate.