Lexicon: blessed – bliss

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blessed (-er), verbal adj. [see bless, v.] (webplay: esteem, heavenly, life, prayer, pronounce).

  1. Celestial; divine; special; (see 1 Timothy 1:11).
  2. Fortunate; lucky; happy; prosperous; endowed with divine protection; enjoying supreme felicity.

blessed (blest), verbal n. [see bless, v.]

  1. Host; army; legion; multitude; holy ones; consecrated beings; sanctified ones; people favored by God; [possibly a phrase, noun “martial” + verbal adj. “blessed”] courageous soldiers.
  2. Saint; righteous one; person who has charity (see Matthew 25:34).

blessing, n. [see bless, v.] (webplay: die, heavenly, life, prayer).

  1. Grace; favor; boon; consecration; religious benefit; miraculous healing; (see 1 Peter 3:9).
  2. Talent; endowment; advantage; faculty; divinely bestowed ability; (see Genesis 27:38).

blew, v. [see blow, v.]

blind, adj. [OE.] (webplay: eye, light, seeing, sense, sight, view).

Sightless; unable to see; in the dark; lacking the sense of vision; [fig.] ignorant; deficient in spiritual perception; (see John 9:25).

blind (-s), n. [see blind, v.] (webplay: eye, light, seeing, unseen).

  1. Screen; shutter; window covering; flexible shade for a window.
  2. Sightless; unseeing ones; people lacking the ability to see; [fig.] ignorant; unobservant; unenlightened; deceived; (see 1 Corinthians 2:9).

blinded, verbal adj. [see blind, adj.] (webplay: eye, seeing).

Covered; unseeing; dazed; made sightless.

blinding, verbal adj. [see blind, adj.] (webplay: sight).

Obscuring; making it difficult to see.

blindness, n. [see blind, adj.] (webplay: dark, eye, heedless, seeing).

  1. Darkness; obscurity; dusk; night time.
  2. Sightlessness; inability to see; lack of vision; [fig.] ignorance; lack of spiritual discernment; (see Ephesians 4:18).

bliss (bliss'), n. [OE 'mildness, clemency'.] (webplay: blessedness, degree, exult, happiness, heavenly, highest, joy).

  1. Joy; delight; happiness; felicity; blessedness; sublime peace.
  2. Exaltation; afterlife; heavenly joy; eternal happiness; living by the Spirit.