Lexicon: boot – born

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boot (-s), n. [ME > OFr < L.] (webplay: foot, shoe).

  1. Hoof; animal foot.
  2. Tread; pace; stride; step in a funeral march; [fig.] load; weight; encumbrance; heavy burden.
  3. Footwear; high-top walking shoe; leather casing for feet; covering for the foot and lower leg; [fig.] progression; initiative; forward motion.
  4. Will to act; desire to serve.
  5. Claw; pincer; bird's lower extremity; bird appendage for perching.
  6. Root; underground fibrous system for a plant; [fig.] base; foundation.

booty, n. [ME 'advantage, profit'.] (webplay: dishonesty, plunder).

  1. Loot; spoils; pillage; treasure; stolen goods; property obtained by the use of force; [fig.] landscape; earth; horizon; (see Numbers 31:32).
  2. Loved ones; beloved dead; deceased people.
  3. Profit; gain; advantage; goodness; blessing; [word play] beauty.

boquet, n. [see bouquet, n.]

border, adj. [see border, n.] (webplay: cultivation).

  1. Remote; distant; farthest; skyline; outlying; faraway; on the edge; at the limit; near the horizon.
  2. Boundary; district between Scotland and England; area between the Tweed river and Hadrian's Wall; [fig.] no man's land; [see ballad, n.]

border, n. [ME > OFr > L. bordatura, edging > Germanic bord, side.]

Hem; edge; band; margin; perimeter; seam allowance; exterior section; [fig.] frame; background; (see Mark 6:56).

bore, v. [see bear, v.]

bore (-d), v. [OE borian; see also bear, v.] (webplay: worm).

Burrow; drill; pierce; eat; nibble; cut through; make a hole; [fig.] destroy.

borer, n. [bore + er.]

Worm; burrowing insect; [fig.] destroyer.

born, v. [phrasal v. “to be born”; see also bear, v.] (webplay: again, approach, blossom, days, date, eyes, feet, followed, gain, God, hand, head, keeper, last, life, long, love, man, mind, name, part, place, tell, time, think, wear).

  1. Hatched; brooded; incubated to emergence from an egg.
  2. Conceived; conceptualized; created; initiated; originated.
  3. Recreated; renewed; regenerated; resurrected; [fig.] baptized; hallowed; consecrated; redeemed; (see John 3:3-5).
  4. Engendered; bred; procreated; spawned; mothered; descended; sprung from; brought forth; carried until birth; [fig.] generated; brought into existence.
  5. Realized; actualized; recognized as being real; acknowledged to exist.
  6. Welcomed; received; accepted; feted; celebrated; greeted upon arrival; [fig.] published; released in print; issued to the public.
  7. Made to flower; caused to bloom; brought to life.

born, verbal adj. [see bear, v.] (webplay: days, divine, God, significations).

Created; debuted; unveiled; revealed; introduced; uncovered; brought to light; [fig.] betrothed; wed; married; [metaphor] blessed; sanctified; hallowed; brought into a covenant relationship; (see Isaiah 66:8).