Lexicon: bough – bountiful

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bough (-s), n. [OE , shoulder, foreleg, bow of a ship.] (webplay: shoulder, stake, tree).

Branch; perch; support; tree limb; (see Daniel 4:12).

bought, v. [see buy, v.]

bound, v. [see bind, v.]

Limit; confine; restrict; restrain; circumscribe; set the ends of; fix the furthest point; draw a line around; [fig.] define; describe; identify; talk about; put into words.

bound, verbal adj. [see bind, v.]

boundary (boundaries), n. [OFr < L. 'stream'.]

  1. Border; limit; perimeter; circuit; circumference; property line; natural domain; authorized territory; legal sphere of activity; [fig.] constraint; limitation; restriction.
  2. Quantity; measure; large amount; great capacity; specific experience.
  3. Domain; realm; stewardship; appointed sphere; area of influence; ability to communicate with; [fig.] mortality; life on earth.

boundless, adj. [see boundary, n.]

  1. Free; ample; roomy; limitless; spacious; abundant; unrestricted; [fig.] epic; heroic; oceanic.
  2. Vast; immense; seemingly endless; [fig.] timeless; infinite; eternal.

boundlessness, n. [see boundary, n.]

Space; vastness; extremity; immensity; lack of confines; unrestricted domains; freedom to go anywhere; beyond circumference.

bounteous, adv. [see bounty, n.] (webplay: nature).

Amply; charitably; kindly; freely; generously; liberally; plentifully; abundantly.

bountiful, adj. [see bounty, n.]

Abundant; rich; plentiful; luxurious; [fig.] timeless; infinite; eternal.

bountiful, adv. [see bountiful, adj.]

Fully; richly; favorably; generously; liberally; plentifully; brilliantly; iridescently; with fluorescence; like a rainbow; [fig.] divinely; blessedly; inspirationally; like a dream; with a promise; [word play] beautiful.