Lexicon: branch – brawling

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branch (-es), n. [Fr. < L. branca, paw of an animal.]

  1. Limb; shoot of a tree; appendage of a plant; [fig.] lineage; pedigree; family group; (see Genesis 49:22).
  2. Vessel; capillary; tiny channel for blood; small component of the circulatory system.

brand, n. [OE; see burn, v.]

  1. Flavor; kind of liquor; type of beverage; [fig.] emotion; feeling; sensation; spiritual essence.
  2. Image; figure; visage; persona; character; countenance; [fig.] soul; spirit; psyche; being; personality; identity.
  3. Mark; name; stamp; seal; signature; emblem that hot metal burns on wood; [fig.] marring; scourging; smiting; whip mark; bloody stripe; striking upon the back; (cf. Isaiah 50:6).
  4. Stigma; burn; identification scar; property label; mark identifying a slave; ownership emblem burned on human beings with hot metal; [fig.] abasement; humiliation; denigration; degradation; infamy; mark of reproach.

brass, adj. [OE, origin uncertain.]

Bronze; gold-colored metal; alloy of copper and zinc; [fig.] protective; steady; secure; strong; armored; rigid; immovable.

brass, n. [see brass, adj.]

Martial clothing; soldier's uniforms; golden military insignia; musical instruments played by armed forces; (see 1 Corinthians 13:1).

brave (-r, -st), adj. [Fr. < It. bravo.]

  1. Adventurous; bold; daring; intrepid; willing to explore.
  2. Valiant; excellent; undaunted; fearless; not dismayed; [fig.] willing to try again; persistent in seeking truth.
  3. Admirable; honorable; noble; dignified; poignantly faithful.
  4. Trusting; hopeful; willing to face adversity; having faith that good will prevail.
  5. Sturdy; hardy; robust; enduring; long-lasting.
  6. Courageous; heroic; fearless of danger; fierce in battle.
  7. Bright; flashy; vivid; lively; buoyant; glorious.
  8. Resolute; perseverant; determined to survive.
  9. Loud; noisy; brassy; musical; [fig.] victorious; triumphant.

brave, adv. [see brave, adj.]

Clearly; directly; brightly.

brave, n.

Hero; champion; warrior; protagonist; [fig.] mortal being; dying person.

bravery (braveries), n. [see brave, adj.]

Heroism; patriotism; loyalty; noble act; gallant deed; courageous behavior; noble character; undaunted spirit; love of country; sacrifice for others; [word play on “bravo”] clamor; noise; shout; tumult; uproar; battle cry.

bravo (-es), n. [It. 'excellent'.]

  1. Praise; cheer; congratulation; cry of approval; shout of appreciation; commendation for a job well done.
  2. Bravery; courage.

brawling, verbal adj. [Late ME.]

Quarreling; wrangling; noisy; contentious; scurrilous; [fig.] frothing; swirling; surging; swelling in waves; (see Proverbs 21:9).