Lexicon: bray – breakfast

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bray (-ed), v. [ME < Fr. < L. or Celtic 'cry', 'crackling, grating, or jarring noise'.]

Bellow; shout; roar; speak loudly; communicate harshly; sound like a donkey; [fig.] brag; boast; (see Job 6:5).

Brazil, proper n. [Port. terra de brasil, land of red wood < Sp. brasa, hot coals; or, Celtic Hy-Brasil < breas, noble, fortunate.] (webplay: red).

  1. Largest country in South America; nation rich in natural resources; east coast land on the Atlantic Ocean in the southern hemisphere; Pre-Columbian legendary island home of the Celtic god Breas; [fig.] heaven; spiritual gift; promised land.
  2. Country that produces scarlet dye; geographical source of carmine dyestuff extracted from the heavy wood of the pau-brasil tree; [fig.] paradise; land of intense beauty; place of brilliant colors.

Brazilian, proper adj. [see Brazil, proper n.]

  1. Pertaining to the easternmost South American nation; [fig.] exotic; faraway.
  2. Red; crimson; carmine; scarlet; rosy; orange; peach; warm-colored.

breach, n. [ME; see break, v.]

Separation; gap; rupture; interruption; [fig.] estrangement; alienation; disaffection; loss of communication; (see Isaiah 58:12).

bread, n. [OE 'bit, piece'.]

  1. Sacrament food; communion wafer; edible symbol of Christ's body (see Matthew 26:26); [fig.] beauty; glory; resplendence of nature.
  2. Bit; piece; morsel; mass of cooked dough; food made by moistening, kneading, and baking ground flour; (see Genesis 18:5).
  3. Food; aliment; maintenance; sustenance; subsistence; nourishment; nutriment; edible substance; (see John 6:35); [fig.] life; renewal; replenishment; vital force.
  4. Revelation; philology; poetic inspiration; verbal satisfaction; fulfilment in words; (see Luke 4:4).
  5. Charity; feast of love; communal meal.

breadth (-s), n. [OE; see broad, adj.]

  1. Measure; [fig.] material; fabric; textile; yardage; bolt of cloth; (see Exodus 26:8).
  2. Width; measurement; geometrical dimension across; extent of a surface from side to side; [fig.] space; area; expanse.
  3. Tolerance; acceptance; open-mindedness; being non-judgmental; [fig.] infinity; eternity; forever; timelessness; mysteries of the universe.

break, n. [see break, v.] (webplay: day, sleep).

Dawn; sunrise; beginning of morning; darkness turning into light (see Acts 20:11); [fig.] restoration; new life; resurrection from the dead.

break (-eth, -ing, -s, brake, broke, broken), v. [OE.] (webplay: blow, burst, company, contract, day, earth, fall, heart, human, ill, interrupt, light, mind, new, passion, pierce, separate, sleep, stop).

  1. Communicate; convey; cause to know; give surprising news.
  2. Damage; crush; injure; wound; harm; [fig.] disappoint; wrong; offend; cause sorrow; affect negatively; (see Acts 21:13).
  3. Change; convert; turn; transform; repent; sympathize; shift from self-interest to concern for others.
  4. Write; engrave; appear as script; [fig.] be revealed.
  5. Disconnect; rupture; splinter; come loose; split away; go asunder; [fig.] disassociate; disjoint; lose sanity.
  6. Shed; drop; molt; cast down; throw off.
  7. Grin; open; part; separate; begin smiling; spread out into a happy look.
  8. Cease; finish; conclude; give up; lay down; depart; [fig.] sacrifice; offer as a ransom.
  9. Bloom; sprout; spring; come forth; push out from below a surface; [fig.] resurrect; rise from the dead; emerge from the grave.
  10. Sound; vocalize; make noise; be heard.
  11. Fall; collapse; crash; descend; rupture; crack open; obtain release from natural restraint; (see Genesis 7:11).
  12. Hit; crash; collide; move into shore; create a rhythmic sound.
  13. Dawn; rise; grow light; [fig.] happen; occur suddenly; come to pass; become a reality; (see Genesis 32:26).
  14. Suffer; sorrow; mourn; grieve; hurt; feel pain.
  15. Arrest; attack; block; occlude; halt the function of; (see Jeremiah 14:17).
  16. Dishonor; disregard; neglect; not keep; leave undone; fail to perform; not act in accordance with.
  17. Endear; become sublime unto; create exquisite feelings in; cause deep love; overwhelm with intense affection.
  18. Penetrate; breach; rupture; [fig.] touch; stir; affect; move; cause to feel; create a response in.
  19. Phrase. “Break into”: rejoice with; sound as; start singing; begin vocalizing; cry aloud with; (see Isaiah 54:1).
  20. Phrase. “Break up”: confuse; scatter; confound; baffle; bewilder; offset; destabilize; unbalance.
  21. Phrase: “Break off”: end; finish speaking; fall into silence; (see Job 17:11); [fig.] die; utter last words; give last breath.

breaker (-s), n. [see break, v.] (webplay: shore).

Ocean wave; sea crest; whitecap; water hitting against rocks; sea coming onto the beach; surf creating a rhythmic sound.

breakfast, n. [see break, v. and fast, v.] (webplay: taking).

  1. Fuel; combustible material.
  2. Morning meal; early repast; first food of the day.
  3. Opportunity to eat; chance to forage for food.