Lexicon: breakfast – breed

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breakfast (breakfasted), v. [see breakfast, n.]

  1. Refresh; pause to eat; take a morning meal; consume food after a night without eating; [compound] break his fast.
  2. Consume; ingest; devour.

breaking, verbal n. [see break, v.]

  1. Darkness turning into light; [fig.] restoration; resurrection; new life; rising from the dead.
  2. Dawn; aurora; sunrise; first light; beginning of morning; (see Genesis 32:24).

breast (-s), n. [OE.] (webplay: broad, conscience, full, heart, human, look big, meet, mind, names, placed, soft, strings, vestment, worn).

  1. Corolla; center of pollen; central part of a flower.
  2. Bosom; chest; upper torso; [fig.] bodice; shirt; blouse; upper part of clothing.
  3. Conscience; disposition; sensitivity; center of affections; capacity for tender feelings; [fig.] spirit; essence; being; consciousness; divine center.
  4. Heart; organ that pumps blood; center of the circulatory system in the human body; [fig.] earth; nature.
  5. Consciousness; perception; awareness; capacity for emotions; seat of intellect.
  6. Shell; pod; case; inner core; [fig.] rigidity; hard heart; limited response.
  7. Love; care; protection; nurturing; guardianship; safe-keeping; [fig.] embrace; affectionate hug; (see John 13:25).
  8. Body; physical being; mortal frame; [fig.] corpse; cadaver; remains.
  9. Ground; hill; mound; knoll; rise of earth; swell of land; [fig.] supporting surface; place of rest.
  10. Front part; upper portion; bird's thorax.

breath (-s), n. [OE 'odor,' 'smell,' 'exhalation from cooking or burning'.] (webplay: air, breathing, flies, freely, give, instant, Life, man, motion, power, sea, smiles, summer's, surface, time, wind, word).

  1. Pattern of inhalation and exhalation; interchange of air through the lungs.
  2. Existence; life force; (see Job 27:3).
  3. Moment; brief time; single respiration.
  4. Wind; air currents; forces of the atmosphere.
  5. Word; speech; discourse; language; communication; (see Psalms 33:6); [fig.] poetry.
  6. Mortality; earthly state.
  7. Respiration; [fig.] life; animation; vitality.
  8. Sob; cry; lament; expression of grief; (see Lamentations 3:56).
  9. Effort; endeavor; exertion; attempt.
  10. Pain; agony; spasm; throe; expression of anguish.
  11. Period; stage; phase; manifestation; expression; aspect.
  12. Phrase. “Hold … breath”: freeze; become still; cease moving; no longer appear.
  13. Phrase. “Out of breath”: windy; breezy; blustery; breathing out deeply; [fig.] exhausted; spent because of exertion.

breathe (-d, -s, breathing), v. [see breath, n.] (webplay: accent, air, breath, breathing-place, expire, greyhounds, live, Lord God, lungs, open, pause, spirit, vein, vital, vow).

  1. Whisper; utter softly; speak privately; [fig.] confide; make known.
  2. Inhale and exhale; process air through the lungs; [fig.] live; subsist; (see Joshua 11:11).
  3. Exist; show life force; [fig.] purr; yowl; make vibrant animal sounds.
  4. Absorb; assimilate; internalize; infuse; gather.
  5. Gasp; draw in air; respond with admiration.
  6. Flutter; flicker; waver; hover; palpitate; [fig.] betray; vacillate; be unfaithful.
  7. Share; experience; partake of; have in common.
  8. Inhale deeply; rest from action; recover from panic.
  9. Circulate; disperse; mobilize; pass around; cause to move.
  10. Speak; communicate; express truth; transmit knowledge; (see John 20:22); [fig.] commune.

breathing, verbal adj. [see breath, n.] (webplay: breath, vein, vital).

Living; alive; vital; [fig.] physical; earthly; mortal.

breathing, verbal n. [see breath, n.] (webplay: open, spirit, vitality).

  1. Gasp; hyperventilation; respiration; sudden inhalation of air; [fig.] nervousness; anxiety; feeling of caution; sign of fear.
  2. Existing; living; surviving; enduring; abiding.

breathless, adj. [see breath, n.]

  1. Unearthly; eternal; timeless; not mortal; [fig.] active; racing; rapid; speedy; in a hurry.
  2. Not exhaling; holding in air; unable to breathe freely; [fig.] pendulous; suspended; full of anticipation; paralyzed from emotion.

bred, v. [see breed, v.]

breed (-s, bred), v. [OE 'warmth, hatching, fostering heat'.]

  1. Raise; bring up; [word play on “broad”] amplify; elevate; expand; magnify; enable to grow.
  2. Ferment; multiply; seethe; smolder; spawn; proliferate; propagate; [word play on “breathes”] live; survive; exist; persist; (see Exodus 16:20).