Lexicon: brigadier – bring

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brigadier, n. [Fr.]

Commander; military general; [fig.] adversary; antagonist; opponent; leader of an enemy army.

brigand, n. [OFr 'skirmisher, irregular soldier'.]

Foot-soldier; mercenary; highwayman; man bearing arms; [fig.] thief; bandit; attacker; assailant; murderer; plunderer; outlaw; marauder; armed robber.

bright (-er, -est), adj. [OE beorht, shine.] (webplay: charms, fair, glance, glorious, mind, science, success, sun, truth).

  1. Dulcet; lyrical; mellifluous; harmonious; ringing; sweet in sound; [fig.] pleasant; happy; delightful; joyful.
  2. Colorful; vivid; brilliant; full of various hues.
  3. Vital; lively; active; [fig.] enduring; still believing; not fading.
  4. Lit; shining; luminous (see Luke 11:36).
  5. Burning; blazing; glowing; emitting warmth and light (see Ezekiel 1:13).
  6. Yellow; golden; shiny; sharp; metallic.
  7. Sunny; fair; good-weathered.
  8. Resplendent; splendid; beautiful; [fig.] sublime; divine; heavenly (see Revelation 22:16).
  9. Good; positive.
  10. Evident; manifest; patent; obvious; apparent; visible; clear-cut.
  11. Radiant; refulgent; illuminating.
  12. Living; alive; existing; [fig.] sentient; intelligent.
  13. Clear; clean; pure; sparkling; transparent; [fig.] quick; swift; rapid.
  14. Glad; hopeful; cheerful; comforting; encouraging.

bright, adv. [see bright, adj.]

Well; fittingly; clearly; vividly; distinctly; colorfully.

bright, n. [see bright, adj.]

Place of light; illuminated domain; [fig.] paradise; realm of glory.

brim, n. [ME < unknown etymology.]

Rim; ridge; binding; snug edge; broad border of a hat; [fig.] crest of a bird's head.

brim (-s), v. [see brim, n.]

Fill; focus; concentrate; channel; complete; flood; overflow; surpass.

brimming, adj. [see brim, n.]

  1. Overflowing; replete; full to the top.
  2. Tearful; emotional; flooding; on the verge of crying.

brindled, adj. [EME; see burn, v.]

Tawny; brown; dark; having spots; marked with streaks; [fig.] freckled; tanned by long exposure to daylight.

bring (-ing, -s, brought), v. [OE bring-an.] (webplay: along, argument, bear, book, carry, clear, come, departure, fashion, fetch, first, forces, forgotten, high, introduce, keep, large, laying, lead, light, looks, man, mind, moral, nothing, place, point, river, sails, sides, time, way, water).

  1. Subject; deliver; hold accountable; make answerable.
  2. Give; provide; offer; impart; render.
  3. Restore; retrieve; renew; recover.
  4. Fetch; get; convey; carry to someone (see Exodus 40:4).
  5. Bear; carry; transport; [fig.] sing; produce pleasant sound.
  6. Produce; yield; generate; cause to happen.
  7. Drop; strike; cast; let fall.
  8. Phrase. “Bring out”: display; exhibit; expose; reveal; uncover; produce.