Lexicon: ban – banker

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ban (-ned), v. [OE 'proclaim, command, curse, reprove, chide'.] (webplay: just).

Forbid; prohibit; disallow; curse; deny entrance to.

band (-s), n. [ME] (webplay: company, face, hold, just, men, occasions, round, solemn, worn).

  1. Orchestra; musical combo; company of musicians; ensemble with silver-colored instruments; [fig.] angel chorus; heavenly host.
  2. Circle; ring; loop; hoop; spiral.
  3. Cord; tie; belt; ribbon; edge holder; fastening strip (see Exodus 39:23).
  4. Molding; baseboard; narrow metal reinforcement; architectural support.
  5. Group; crowd; gathering; assemblage; congregation.

bandage (-d), verbal adj. [Fr.] (webplay: dislocated).

  1. Wounded; weak; vulnerable.
  2. Wrapped; covered; hidden; bound up; tied up in a cloth for protection.

bandit (-ti), n. [It. 'proclaimed, proscribed'.] (webplay: robber).

Thief; crook; outlaw; brigand; highwayman; lawless marauder.

bane, n. [OE 'death, murderer'.]

Poison; [fig.] curse; scourge; plague; affliction; woe; injury; torment.

banish (-ed, -ing), v. [OFr < L. bannum, proclamation.] (webplay: away, care).

  1. Reject; exile; condemn.
  2. Separate; isolate; drive away.

banishment, n. [see banish, v.]

Separation; exile; expulsion; [fig.] departure; extinction (see Ezra 7:26).

banjo, n. [var. of “bandore” < Sp. or Pg. < L. pandÅ«ra, 'mandola'.]

Small guitar; stringed musical instrument; [fig.] call; croaking; squawking; vocal noise; bird song.

bank (-s), n. [ME < Germanic 'shelf, bench'; see bench, n.] (webplay: “house used for a bank”, gold, house, land, merchants, pay, payable, pass, rowers, sea, side, shares, signed, silver, stock, sweep, trafficks).

  1. Heap; accumulation; gathering; cumulus cloud; long nimbus mass on the horizon.
  2. Treasury; money depository; place where funds are kept safe; [fig.] flower bed; garden plot.
  3. Shore; coast; strand; rise of ground; elevation of earth on the side of a body of water.
  4. Pile; support; burial cushion; casket pillow; swath of material surrounding a corpse.
  5. Platform; mound; terrace.
  6. Channel; river passage; steep ridge of earth at the water's edge; [fig.] vessel; artery; [fig.] boundary; border; margin; limit.

banker, n. [Fr.; see bank, n.]

Dealer; trafficker; borrower; money lender; loan officer; debt collector; manager of a treasury.