Lexicon: Brussels – buckled

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Brussels, proper n. [Dutch broek, marsh, wetlands.]

Belgium's capital; city known for carpets, rugs, lace; center of a textile industry; [fig.] woven goods; fine linen; worsted yarn floor-covering; silken ground of lace; wool carpet with stiff linen backing.

Bryant (-'s), proper n. [Celtic, possibly 'strong, in a position of dignity'.]

William Cullen Bryant (1794-1878); 19th century New England poet; writer who often used natural images in his poetry; (see ED letters).

bubble (-s), n. [ME] (webplay: rising, run, water).

  1. Globule; suds; foam; spume; air-pocket; round particle; [fig.] sunset hue; spot of color; patch of cloud.
  2. Gurgle; [fig.] death rattle; suffocating in fluids.
  3. Bladder; blister; cyst; wen; vesicle of water; soft receptacle filled with air; [fig.] fleeting thing; ephemeral object.
  4. Burp; belch; eruct; flatulence; gassy sound; [fig.] blip; echo; reverberation.

bubble (-ed), v. [see bubble, n.] (webplay: gurgling, show).

  1. Babble; burble; gush; flow; surge; ripple; rustle; effervesce; make a pleasant moving sound; [fig.] whisper; murmur sweetly; speak softly.
  2. Dissipate; scatter; decrescendo; [fig.] chirp; quaver; twitter; trill; warble.
  3. Create melody; make music; play a song; [fig.] compose lyrics; write poetry; create verses.
  4. Evaporate; dissipate; vaporize; disperse; disappear in particles; [fig.] recuperate; recover from agitation; [paradox] simmer; swelter; boil; seethe; churn.

buccaneer (bucaneers), n. [Fr. 'one who hunts wild oxen' < boucaner, to dry meat on a barbecue.]

  1. Adventurer; explorer; scout; frontiersman; [fig.] flying insect.
  2. Sailor; mariner; seaman; pirate.

buccaneer (-ing), v. [see buccaneer, n.] (webplay: dried).

Navigate; sail; [fig.] float; fly; wing.

bucket (-s), n. [poss. < OFr 'washing tub,' 'milk-pail'.] (webplay: deeper, sea, side, water, well).

  1. Pail; vessel for carrying water; (see Isaiah 40:15).
  2. Overflow; pailful; big spill; large amount of water.

buckle (-s), n. [Fr. < L. buccula 'cheek-strap of a helmet,' 'boss of a shield' < bucca 'cheek'.] (webplay: life).

Fastener; clasp.

buckle (-ed), v. [see buckle, n.] (webplay: age).

Fasten; fix; secure; confine; attach; circumscribe; stick on; cause to adhere.

buckled, verbal adj. [see buckle, n.]

Closed; sealed; fastened shut; [sense play] bent; warped; [fig.] silent; mute; mum.