Lexicon: burdock – burn

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burdock (-'s), n. [bur + OE docca; see OED bur, n. and dock, n.]

Bur; sticky; prickly seed pod; dry flower head; bothersome weed; plant from the genus Arctium.

burglar, n. [AFr; NW says burgh, or burg, a house.]

Robber; nocturnal housebreaker; one guilty of breaking into a home to steal; [fig.] killer; body-snatcher; personification of death.

Burgoyne, proper n. [Fr. < Gothic baurgs, burgh, borough, barriers.]

John Burgoyne (1722-1792); British general in the American Revolution; English leader who surrendered to American forces at Saratoga in 1777; [fig.] bloodshed; laborious struggle; difficult fight that ends in defeat; [fig.] sundown; red sky at dusk.

Burgund, proper adj. [Johnson variant only; see Burgundy, proper n.]

Intoxicating; inebriating; high-spirited; characteristic of the wine of Burgundy, France; [fig.] elating; enjoyable; pleasurable; gratifying; uplifting; exhilarating; fragrant; aromatic; perfumed; floral; sweet-smelling.

Burgundy, proper n. [med. L. < Germanic tribe < Gothic baurgjans, highlanders, fort-dwellers; see Burgoyne, proper n.] (webplay: wine).

Red wine; delicate alcoholic beverage; deluxe drink from the vineyards of Burgundy, France; [fig.] pleasure; elation; gratification; enjoyable parts of life; (see ED letters).

burial, adj. [ME; see bury, v.]

Cemetery; graveyard; burying ground; place of interment for the dead.

burial, n. [see burial, adj. and bury, v.]

Funeral; interment; entombment; placement in the ground; [fig.] safekeeping until the resurrection; (see Matthew 26:12).

buried, verbal adj. [see bury, v.]

  1. Subtle; faint; ethereal; untouchable; inaccessible; unobtainable.
  2. Concealed; kept secret; hidden from view; removed from sight; placed for safe-keeping under the ground.
  3. Dead; lifeless; deceased; departed from mortality.

Burmah, proper n. [Sanskrit mranma bama, strong ones.]

Oriole; golden songbird; exotic bird with brilliant yellow plumage; [eponym] Myanmar; southeast Asian nation whose natural resources include various colorful birds; [allusion] Perseid meteor showers.

burn, n. [OE.]

Spring; well; fountainhead.