Lexicon: Barabbas – barehead

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Barabbas (Barabbas'), proper n. [Heb. 'son of the father' < bar, son + abbá, father.]

Prisoner; convict for whom Christ suffered death by crucifixion; criminal released instead of Jesus in the New Testament (see Matthew 27:16); [fig.] redeemed one; ransomed soul; [see ED letters.]

barb (-s), n. [Fr. < L. 'beard'.] (webplay: bee).

Spine; bristle; quill; prickle; thorn; tiny hair; sharp point; jagged edge.

barbed, adj. [see barb, n.] (webplay: armor, piercing).

Sharp; hooked; pointed; cutting; arrow-like; capable of wounding; [fig.] derisive; mocking; scornful; sarcastic; satirical; cynical.

bard (-s), n. [Gaelic, Old Celtic 'poet-singer, minstrel'.] (webplay: guitar, men).

  1. Poet; playwright; author; prophet; virtuoso writer; [epithet] Shakespeare; [fig.] originator; Deity; Creator; Master; Supreme Being.
  2. Musician; composer; singer; performer who sings while playing a lyre or guitar; [fig.] messenger; angel; seraph; winged creature.

bare (-st), adj. [OE < Germanic.] (webplay: naked, worn).

  1. Slight; unlikely; small.
  2. Plain; basic; simple; open to view; (see Ezekiel 16:22).
  3. Empty; destitute; needy; wanting; lacking; having none.

bare, v. [see bare, adj.] (webplay: head, state).

  1. Give; deliver; hand; offer; submit; present; display; expose; subject.
  2. Uncover; reveal; show; undress; [fig.] humble; lower; lessen the status of.

barefoot, adj. [OE; see bare, adj. and foot, n.] (webplay: alone, poor).

Unshod; shoeless; [fig.] poor; destitute; humble; [fig.] mortal; (see Isaiah 20:2-4).

barefoot, adv. [see barefoot, adj.] (webplay: alone, open, shoes).

Unshodden; exposed; without shoes; having uncovered feet; [fig.] inappropriately; inadequately; lacking confidence.

barefoot (barefeet), n. [see barefoot, adj.] (webplay: poor).

  1. Unshod person; one without shoes; [fig.] mortal being.
  2. Phrase. “From Brow to Barefoot”: from head to toe; [fig.] completely; over the entire body.

barehead, adj. [see bare, adj. and head, n.]

Hatless; without a bonnet; having the pate uncovered; [fig.] bald (see Leviticus 13:42-45).