Lexicon: barely – barred

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barely, adv. [see bare, adj.] (webplay: wear).

Scarcely; recently; just now; a short time ago; [fig.] with difficulty.

bargain, n. [OFr < possibly L. 'bark or barge which carries goods to and fro'.] (webplay: sale).

Good buy; great deal; advantageous purchase; thing acquired by negotiating to a lower price; item that is inexpensive but valuable; [fig.] covenant; agreement.

bargeman (bargemen), n. [OFr < L.; see bark, n1 .]

Sailor; mariner; boatswain; rower on an elegant ship of state; crew member for a flat-bottomed vessel that unloads other boats; [fig.] mortal being; traveler going from this life to the next life.

bark, n. [see bark, v.]

Howl; clamor; sound of a dog; sharp explosive canine cry; [fig.] pang; heart-ache; emotional pain.

bark, n. [Fr. < L. barca.] (webplay: top-sail).

Boat; barge with a broad stern; small ship without a figure-head; vessel carrying water in its hold; [fig.] life; mortal mission; reason for existing.

bark, v. [OE beorcan.] (webplay: sleeping).

Bay; yelp; yip; cry out; sound an alarm; make a loud noise like a dog; (see Isaiah 56:10).

barn (-s), n. [OE bęre-ern, barley-place.] (webplay: building, cattle, farmers, hay, house).

  1. Storehouse; garner; large shed; gathering edifice; place for storing crops; [fig.] memorial; shrine; sanctuary; shelter; place of protection; (see Luke 12:24).
  2. Stable; livery; animal shelter; edifice for farm animals.

barometer, n. [Gk. 'weight + measure'.]

Air pressure instrument; tool for measuring weight of the atmosphere; glass tube full of mercury used for predicting weather and estimating the altitude of mountains.

baronial, adj. [ME < OFr < L. 'man'.] (webplay: lands).

Noble; regal; high ranking; pertaining to royalty in England; [fig.] male; husband.

barred, verbal adj. [see bar, n.]

Shut; fastened; covered; fenced; secured.