Lexicon: deck – decoy

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deck (-s), n. [MDu. dec, roof < Old Germanic.] (webplay: each, one, only, other, ship, two).

  1. Plank floor; main surface of a ship; [metonymy] boat; vessel; water craft.
  2. Platform; open area; [fig.] horizon.

deck (-s), v. [Flemish or Low German; compare Dutch dekken, cover.] (webplay: close, dew, may, more, put).

  1. Adorn; decorate; garnish; provide ornamentation for.
  2. Dress up; wear fine clothing; put on rich garments; (see Isaiah 61:10).
  3. Array; appoint; furnish; embellish; garnish; organize; [fig.] restore; resurrect; bring back to life.
  4. Elucidate; enlighten; highlight; illuminate; irradiate; spotlight; distinguish; make manifest.
  5. Enhance; foreground; raise awareness of.

declaim, v. [L. dēclāmāre, cry out.]

Recite; harangue; speak loudly; speak a set oration in public.

declaiming, verbal adj. [see declaim, v.]

Denouncing; decrying.

declare, v. [Fr. déclare-r < L. dēclārā-re, clear up, evident.] (webplay: come, known, tell, than, will).

Manifest; state; make known or visible; (see Numbers 1:18); tell explicitly; free from obscurity.

decline (-d, -s), v. [Fr décline-r < L. dēclīnāre, turn or bend away from the straight course.] (webplay: any, day, do, earth, goods, lean, part, shun, sink, yet).

  1. Descend; set; draw to a close; fall away from the equator; appear to sink into the horizon; (see Psalms 102:11).
  2. Refuse; deny; dismiss; turn down; (see Psalms 44:18).
  3. Diminish; decrease; lessen in light.
  4. Disregard; ignore.
  5. Devalue; depreciate.
  6. Drown; submerge; drop down; descend into deep water.

declivity, n. [L. dēclīvitāt-em < dēclīvis, sloping downward.]

Descent; downturn; decline.

decomposition, n. [Fr. décompose-r; see compose, v.]

Death; decay; disintegration; the decaying life form.

decorate, v. [L. decorāt-, beautify, grace, honor.] (webplay: grace).

Adorn; beautify; embellish; depict.

decoy, n. [see coy, n.]

Surprise; lure; snare; bait; anything that leads into an evil place.