Lexicon: decoy – deep

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decoy (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [see coy, n.] (webplay: may, reach, snare).

  1. Enchant; [with “spring” as subject] capture attention with bird song; [with “Bird” as subject] break forth into song; [word play on “coy”] abandon shyness; stop being coy.
  2. Ensnare; [fig.] allure; captivate; [word order inversion] “In the afternoons, her teazing purples decoy the credulous.”
  3. Catch; entrap; lure by artifice into a trap; [fig.] delay; detour; distract.

decrease (-s), v. [OFr < L. 'grow down'.] (webplay: less).

Lessen; diminish gradually; reduce in value, amount, quality, or excellence; (see Genesis 8:5); [word play on “decree”] declare.

decree, n. [OFr decré < L. dēcernere, decide, distinguish.] (webplay: all, law, made, world).

Ruling; edict; proclamation; decision of a court; [fig.] commandment; eternal principle; law of the universe; Being who is wise, merciful and just; (see 2 Chronicles 30:5).

decree, v. [see decree, n.] (webplay: thing).

Order; appoint; assign; to determine judicially; ordain as by Divine appointment or fate; (see Job 22:28).

decrepit, adj. [Fr. décrépit, < crepāre, crack, creak, rattle.] (webplay: old).

Feeble; dated; aged; wasted; broken down with age; warn by the infirmities of old age.

dedicated, verbal adj. [L. dēdicāt-, declare, proclaim, devote (to a deity) in a set form of words, consecrate.] (webplay: King).

Devoted; committed; consecrated [fig.] reserved for Deity; (see 2 Kings 12:4).

deducting, v. [L. dēduct-, lead, bring down or away, withdraw.] (webplay: two).

Subtracting; taken from; leading forth or away from.

deed (-s), n. [OE dæd; see do, v. and dead, adj.] (webplay: act, called, do, have, our, small, them, very, will, whose).

  1. Title; contract; plan.
  2. Charity; kind action.

deem (deemed, deeming, -s), v. [OE déman < Goth dôm-s, judgement; see doom, v.] (webplay: believe, can, estimate, god, judge, never, opinion, reckon, shipmen, some, than, think, thought).

  1. Think; judge to be.
  2. Evaluate; assess; ascertain.
  3. Label; brand; pronounce; denounce.
  4. Opine; believe; conclude.
  5. Mistakenly reckon that; suppose wrongly that.
  6. Realize; recognize; understand; discern; know.
  7. Feel; guess; imagine; think it possible that.
  8. Suspect; surmise; fear.
  9. Decide; determine; (see Acts 27:27).
  10. Count; rule; measure.
  11. Fantasize; hope.
  12. Consider; regard.
  13. Name; grant; tell; call.
  14. Find; perceive.
  15. Reward; bless; [fig.] shine upon.
  16. Dream; expect.

deep (deeper, deepest), adj. [OE díop.] (webplay: artful, divine, downward, easily, far, friend, God, good, grave, hidden, into, land, Lord, low, man, outer, piercing, power, root, secreted, sight, silence, sound, spider, still, takes, thick, thoughts, tree, valley, very, water, way, well).

  1. Dark; strongly colored; intensely hued.
  2. Profound, complete, intense; (see Genesis 2:21).
  3. Unknown; remote from comprehension; not easily understood; (see Job 12:22).
  4. Thick; luxuriant.