Lexicon: deep – defeat

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deep (deepest), adv. [OE díope.]

  1. Abysmally; profoundly; far down; extending down from the surface; (see Isaiah 29:15).
  2. Carefully; mindfully; (see Job 11:8).
  3. Grave; solemn; intense; (see Ecclesiastes 7:24).

deep, n. [OE déop.] (webplay: great, maketh, ocean, out, sea, still, waters).

  1. Unknown waters; [fig.] eternity; infinity; deity; source of hidden truths; profound depths of understanding.
  2. Ocean; sea; large body of water; (see Genesis 1:2).
  3. Abyss; that which is mysterious; [fig.] not easily fathomed; (see Genesis 49:25).

deepen (deepened, -s), v. [see deep, adj.] (every, grave, red, stronger, well).

  1. Intensify; reach a peak of light and warmth; gradually get longer and then shorter hours of daylight.
  2. Enhance; heighten; raise; increase the value of.

deer, n. [OE díor.] (webplay: hunted).

Animal; quadruped beast; common name of Cervidae family; animal with horns or antlers; (see Deuteronomy 14:5).

deface (-d, -s), v. [Fr. deface-r; see face, n.] (webplay: any).

Destroy; mar; spoil; ruin; vandalize.

default, n. [ME < OFr defaillir, wanting; see fault, n.] (webplay: nature).

Omission; neglect to do what duty or law requires.

defaulter, n. [see default, n.]

Delinquent; one who fails to perform a public duty, as appearing in court or paying a fine. (Dickinson's use is ironic, since Judas did not fail in his public duty to betray Christ, he failed in his private duty to protect Christ).

defaulting, verbal adj. [see default, n.]

Failing; neglecting to perform a duty or fulfill a contract.

defeat, n. [see defeat, v.] (webplay: victory).

  1. Loss; failure to win a battle.
  2. Deficit; frustration; prevention of success.
  3. Triumph; successful resistance.

defeat (-ed), v. [OFr defeit < late L. disfacere, undo, unmake, mar, destroy.] (webplay: vanquish, victory).

  1. Overcome; conquer; successfully resist; (see 2 Samuel 17:14).
  2. Frustrate; nullify; cause to fail.