Lexicon: defeated – definition

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defeated, verbal adj. [see defeat, v.] (webplay: Austrians).

  1. Overthrown; subdued; beaten in a battle.
  2. Frustrated; disappointed; thwarted; having lost something.

defence (-s), n. [ME < Fr. < L. dēfensum, thing forbidden, defended; and ME < OFr < L. dēfensa defence, prohibition.] (webplay: danger, possessions).

Fortification; protection; [fig.] combat; battle for liberty; fight for survival; struggle for freedom; (see Numbers 14:9).

defend (defending), v. [ME < L. 'ward off', 'defend', 'protect'.]

Guarding; watching over; keeping safe; protecting from harm; (see Isaiah 31:5).

defer (-red), v. [ME differre-n, carry apart, put off, protract.] (webplay: delayed, judgment).

Delay; wait; waive; postpone.

deference, n. [Fr. déférence.] (webplay: have, those, whose).

Honor; proffer; courteous submission.

defiant, verbal adj. [Fr. défiant; see defy, v.] (webplay: make, one, upon).

Unruly; contemptuous; rebelliously disregarding.

defile (-s), v. [OFr defouler, trample down, oppress, outrage, violate; see file, v.] (webplay: itself, pollute).

Corrupt; profane; taint; desecrate.

define (-d), v. [ME < OFr define-r, end, terminate, determine.] (webplay: explain, line, understood, well).

  1. Describe; put into words.
  2. Declare; identify; convey the full essence of; understand the true significance of; appreciate the real value of.
  3. Express; precisely explain; formally state.
  4. Characterize; measure; keep within limits; establish boundaries for.
  5. Contain; circumscribe; fix within lines.

definitely, adv. [L. dēfīnīt-us, bounded, limited, distinct; see define, v.] (webplay: fix, having, thing, time).

Accurately; exactly; with certainty; with a precise explanation.

definition, n. [OFr diffinicion; see define, v.] (webplay: line).

  1. Signification; real essence; exact meaning; distinctive character; true sense; actual experience.
  2. Interpretation; clarification; precise explanation; formal meaning; complete understanding.