Lexicon: deform – deified

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deform (deforming), v. [OFr deformer < L. forma, shape.] (webplay: long).

Distort; disfigure; contort; corrupt.

deformed, adj. [see deform, v.] (webplay: esteemed, face).

Misshapen; malformed; disfigured; [fig.] condemned; guilty; damned; unredeemed.

defraud (defrauded), v. [OFr < L. fraudāre, cheat.]

Swindle; beguile; cheat; rob; unjustly deprive; unfairly dispossess; (see Leviticus 19:13).

defray (-s), v. [Fr. défraye-r < fraier, spend, incur expense.]

Redeem; settle; bear; cover financially.

deft, adj. [OE gedæfte, mild, gentle, meek.]

Elegant; lithesome; pretty; neat.

defy (defied, defies, -ing), v. [ME < dis-, in twain + fīdāre, trust, give faith to.] (webplay: above, any, do, impotent, law, me, own, phrase, thing, Were, word, would, you).

  1. Withstand; oppose; resist attempts; (see Numbers 23:8).
  2. Dare; brave; challenge to battle; (see 1 Samuel 17:10).

degrade (-s), v. [ME < L. dēgradāre, lowering by degree.] (webplay: has, itself).

Cheapen; profane; corrupt; defile.

degree (-s), n. [ME degre < OFr < L. grad-us, step.] (webplay: arts, circumference, rank).

  1. Wisdom; advanced learning; higher education.
  2. Accomplishment; achievement; victory.
  3. Happiness; capacity for joy; [fig.] enlightenment; celestial glory.
  4. Small increment; little distinction; tiny measurement; gradual unit of change; [fig.] drop in temperature; loss of body heat.
  5. Qualification; merit; worthiness; proof of value.
  6. Radius; proportion; division of a circle; measurement of the angle of a circle's segment; [fig.] one of the fifteen temple steps on which priests sang Psalms 120-134 before ascending into the holy court of the temple in Jerusalem.
  7. Crescendo; gradual increase.
  8. Diploma; credential; certificate of achievement.
  9. Reputation; social class; socioeconomic status.
  10. Augmentation of light; additional amount of reflection from the sun.
  11. Longitude; [metonymy] climate zone; geographic area.
  12. Marital status; domestic dignity; privilege of becoming a wife; the honor of having a household.
  13. Surge of energy; [fig.] anticipation; thrill; excitement; exhilaration; elevation of emotion.
  14. Honor; distinction; prestige; commendation; (see 1 Chronicles 17:17).
  15. Orientation; direction on a compass; (see 2 Kings 20:9).
  16. Gradation; distinction; separation; difference in level; [fig.] veil.
  17. Token; symbol; [fig.] endowment; investiture; [metaphor] coronation.

degreeless, adj. [see degree, n.] (webplay: figures).

Absolute; infinite; without measure; [fig.] freezing; temperature of zero degrees.

deified, v. [Fr. déifier < L. de-us, god.] (webplay: covetous, make, man).

Exalt; revere; make holy.