Lexicon: deign – delicious

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deign (deigned), v. [OFr degn-ier < L. dignārī, deem worthy, think fit.] (webplay: give, men).

  1. Condescend; stoop; bow.
  2. Grant; dignify; allow; acknowledge; offer; tender.

deity (-'s), n. [Fr. déité < L. de-us, god.] (webplay: day, divine, divinity, expand, god, light, nature, open, qualities).

  1. The Lord; the Almighty; the Author of the Universe.
  2. Perfection; divine nature; [fig.] God's Son who came to earth; Jesus, whose mother Mary was a mortal; the Savior of humankind who called fishermen to be His disciples.
  3. Jesus Christ; the Messiah; the resurrected Redeemer; the Savior who appeared to His disciples after rising from the dead.
  4. Godliness; holiness; divine power; [fig.] resurrected Being.
  5. Loved one; beloved master; dear lord; venerable human; object of adoration.
  6. God; Creator; Supreme Being.
  7. Infinity; immortal love; everlasting devotion; time without end.
  8. The Lawgiver; the Eternal Judge.
  9. Cupid; demigod; spirit of romance.

dejected, verbal adj. [L. dējicěre, throw, cast down.] (webplay: fall, make, throw).

Depressed; downcast; melancholic.

delay (-s), n. [see delay, v.] (webplay: stop).

  1. Hesitation; vacillation (see Acts 25:17); [irony] strike; rapid motion.
  2. Dalliance; dawdling; waste of time.

delay (-s, -ed, -ing), v. [ME < OFr delaier, put off, retard, defer.] (webplay: hinder, slow, stop).

  1. Postpone; defer arrival; be slow to come.
  2. Wait; tarry; linger; remain; (see Acts 9:38).
  3. Dawdle; lollygag; loiter; (see Psalms 119:60).
  4. Pause; hesitate; waver; take time; (see Exodus 22:29).
  5. Hamper; hinder; retard; hold back.

deliberate, v. [L. dēlīberāt-, weigh well, consider maturely, take counsel, balance.]

Contemplate; reflect; estimate; meditate; ponder; think through; weigh the prospects and consequences.

deliberately, adv. [see deliberate, v.]

Intentionally; willfully; knowledgeably.

delicate, adj. [L. dēlicāt-us, alluring, voluptuous, tender, dainty, effeminate.] (webplay: delight, fine).

Charming; fine; smooth; soft; slender; pleasing to the senses; (see Deuteronomy 28:56).

delicious, adj. [OFr and AFr. < L. dēliciæ, delight, pleasure, charm.] (webplay: delight, most, sweet).

  1. Pleasing; gratifying; desirable; delectable; delightful; melodious; harmonious.
  2. Exquisite; exhilarating; tingling.
  3. Sweet; enchanting; charming; angelic.
  4. Admirable; [fig.] celestial; heavenly; glorious.

delicious, adv. [see delicious, adj.] (webplay: sweetly).

Savoring; lingering; enjoying every moment; relishing like a gourmet.