Lexicon: delight – delivered

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delight (-s, -'s), n. [ME delit; see delight, v.] (webplay: affords, after, beautiful, children, degree, do, ear, eye, gives, God, good, high, joy, landscape, like, Lord, man, mind, more, receive, sudden, take, thy, was, will).

  1. Euphony; music; glee; cheerful sound; pleasant auditory experience.
  2. Transport; exhilaration; elation; exaltation; rapture.
  3. Pleasure; joy; charm; enchantment; [fig.] poem; sonnet; courtly verse.
  4. Happiness; gladness; good cheer; positive attitude.
  5. Felicity; gratification; satisfaction.
  6. Blessing; boon.
  7. Bliss; ecstasy; overwhelming excitement.
  8. Enticement; allurement.
  9. Comfort; consolation; solace; ease; [fig.] insight; memento; reminiscence; memory; nostalgia; (see Deuteronomy 10:15).
  10. Contentment; well-being.
  11. Thrill; exquisite response; intense impression.
  12. Shine; glow; beam; brightness; radiation; [fig.] smiling countenance.
  13. Appreciation; gratitude; thankfulness.
  14. Praise; applause; respect; honor; (see Genesis 34:19).
  15. Perception; intelligence; comprehension; [fig.] capacity for glory; ability to absorb light.
  16. Essence; vitality; living body; breathing being; life force.
  17. Beauty; splendor; lovely moment; fair creature; [fig.] angel; messenger of light.
  18. Delicacy; delicious taste; [fig.] godliness; wisdom; divinity; potential for good; knowledge of good and evil; ability to see the truth.
  19. Euphoria; [personification] Euphrosyne; one of the Three Graces: Euthymia, Thalia, or Aglaea.
  20. Sensation; feeling; sympathy; [fig.] breeze; draft; air current.
  21. High spirits; [fig.] snow flakes.
  22. Interest; intention; purpose; activity; pastime (see Deuteronomy 21:14).
  23. Grandeur; brilliance; magnificence; celestial illumination.
  24. Award; reward; prize; laurel; [kenning “Delights of Dust”] lifetime.
  25. Enjoyment; relief; trust; acceptance; positive attitude; (see 1 Samuel 18:22).
  26. Nectar; [fig.] sublimity of nature; fulness of creation.
  27. Phrase. “Republic of Delight”: promised land; kingdom of heaven; renewed earth; [kenning] Eden; paradise.

delight (-ed, -s), v. [ME delite-n < L. dēlectāre, allure, attract, delight, charm, please.] (webplay: after, beautiful, children, gives, good, have, joy, kind, landscape, like, Lord, man, mind, more, myself, was, will).

  1. Please; enchant; (see Number 14:8).
  2. Be happy; be pleased.
  3. Make glad; bring joy to; provide fulfillment for.
  4. Satisfy; gratify; provide a good taste for.

delighted, verbal adj. [see delight, v.] (webplay: was).

Joyful; happy; jubilant; much gratified; very satisfied; highly pleased.

delineation, n. [L. dēlīneātion-em < L. dēlīneāre, outline, sketch out.]

Draft; rough idea; depiction; description; profile.

delinquent, adj. [L. dēlinquent-em < L. dēlinqu-ere, fail, lack, offend.]

Lost; missing; hidden; indefinable; neglected; faulty.

delirious, adj. [see delirium, n.]

  1. Feverish; frantic; frenzied; frayed; afflicted; stricken.
  2. Exhilarating; exalting; rapturous; ecstatic.

delirious, adv. [see delirium, n.]

  1. Lightly; joyfully; jubilantly; gleefully; freely; with liberation.
  2. Wildly; frantically; desperately; out of control; in much distress.

delirium, n. [L. dēlīrium, madness, derangement.]

  1. Ecstasy; jubilee.
  2. Fever; madness; hallucination; disjointedness; temporary insanity.

deliver (-ed), v. [Fr. délivrer < L. līberāre, set free, liberate.] (webplay: all, enemy, one).

  1. Direct; aim; throw; shoot; send by a bow.
  2. Survive; find safety; be released; be rescued; be saved; be set free; arrive on shore without turbulence.

delivered, verbal adj. [see deliver, v.] (webplay: mind).

Uttered; pronounced; spoken; administered; [fig.] audible; perceivable; detectable through the sense of hearing.