Lexicon: dell – demolish

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dell (-s), n. [ME delle, deep or low place.]

Pit; vale; a small valley; small rift between two hills.

deluge, n. [Fr. déluge.] (webplay: moving, Noah, world).

Flood; inundation; overflow of water which covered the whole earth in the days of Noah (see Genesis 6-8).

delusive, adj. [L. dēlūs- < L. dēlūd-ere, play false, mock, deceive.]

Deceptive; beguiling; misleading; disappointing; giving false hope.

demand, n. [Fr. demande; see demand, v.] (webplay: ask, common, grace, making, obtain, right, seek, will).

  1. Desire; need; yearning; intense longing to possess; [fig.] asking; prayer; petition.
  2. Duty; affair; obligation; responsibility; matter of concern; [fig.] commanding beauty; irresistible attraction.
  3. Call to have; requisition to purchase; desire to buy.

demand (-ed, -eth, -s), v. [Fr. demander < L. dēmandāre, give in charge, entrust, commit.] (webplay: answer, children, generally, have, king, little, obtain, put, rendered, thing, who, work).

  1. Propose; bespeak; negotiate; request formally; [fig.] choose; select; make a match of; ask the hand in marriage of.
  2. Need; want; desire; request; solicit; [fig.] accept; receive.
  3. Petition; call for; insist upon; ask for; (see Daniel 2:27).
  4. Adjure; beseech; entreat; ask urgently; inquire earnestly; seek to know; (see 2 Samuel 11:7).
  5. Expect; assign; delegate; impose; relegate.
  6. Pray about; seek spiritual knowledge of; ask for a divine answer to.
  7. Command; order; charge to provide; require by right; mandate by virtue of authority; (see Job 38:3).
  8. Beg; importune persistently; implore repeatedly; childishly insist on having.

demean (-ing, -s), v. [OFr demene-r, lead, exercise, practice, employ, treat, direct.]

  1. Carry; bear; behave; conduct.
  2. Degrade; undervalue; abase; lessen in importance.

demijohn, n. [Fr. dame-jeanne.]

Container; bottle; glass vessel enclosed in wicker.

democrat, n. [Fr. démocrate < Fr. démocratie, democracy < Gk. δημοκρατία, popular, government.] (webplay: men).

  1. Common man; ordinary person; [fig.] field blossom; garden variety flower.
  2. Liberal citizen; generous person; one who is equitable; [fig.] clover; trefoil blossom.
  3. Politician; advocate for a democratic republic; one who favors the extension of rights to all classes of people; [personification] Death; fate of all human beings.

democratic, adj. [see democrat, n.] (webplay: all).

General; popular; universal; all-inclusive; excluding noone; equal for all people.

demolish (-es), v. [Fr. démoliss- < L. dēmōlīrī, throw down, demolish, destroy.] (webplay: wall).

Destroy; wreck; raze; dismantle.