Lexicon: Demosthenes – denomination

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Demosthenes, proper n. [Gr. 'strong with the people' < dēmos, people + sthenos, 'strength, power'.]

Greek orator (384-322 B.C.); 4th century BC Athenian statesman; great speaker who overcame a stuttering problem; [fig.] frog.

demur (-ed), v. [Fr. demeurer < L. dēmorārī, tarry, delay.] (webplay: eye, may, rest, stop).

  1. Refuse; decline; dissent; hesitate; back away.
  2. Object; protest; resist; contest.
  3. Pause; hesitate; linger; wait; stop.
  4. Relent; repent; soften; yield; change mind; make a concession.

demure (demurer), adj. [OFr meur, mature, ripe, mellow.] (webplay: any, claim, downcast, eye, like, look, may, true).

Calm; soft; quiet; decorous; graciously polite.

demurral, n. [see demur, v.] (webplay: claim, could, downcast, obtain, true).

Refusal; reserve; dissent; reticence; [fig.] decline; decrease; waning; diminution; disappearance; act of getting smaller; [word play on “demure”] shyness; bashfulness.

den, n. [OE dęnn, habitation of a wild beast < MDu. dan, forest.] (webplay: go, near, protection, security, subterraneous).

  1. Cave; hole; shelter; harbor; (see Judges 6:2).
  2. Haven; refuge; retreat; hiding place; (see Job 38:40).

denial, n. [see deny, v.]

Refusal; rejection; contradiction.

denied, n. [see deny, v.] (webplay: fact, one's, receive, what).

Contradicted; refused; disapproved.

denizen (-s), n. [AFr deinzein.] (webplay: natural).

  1. Inhabitant; dweller; native; [fig.] creature; living thing; mortal being.
  2. Occupant; non-native citizen; alien resident; one with limited rights, who may purchase land but can't inherit it.

denominate (-d), v. [L. dēnōmināt-, specify by name.] (webplay: give, good).

Name; call; label; categorize; designate; identify as; [fig.] mislabel; rename.

denomination, n. [OFr < L. dēnōminātiōn-em, call by another name.] (webplay: all).

Group affiliation; religious sect; church appellation; common faith; [fig.] fame; name; family identity.