Lexicon: denote – departed

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denote (-d, -s), v. [Fr. < L. dēnōtāre, mark out.]

  1. Mark; set apart; distinguish as a saint; (see Revelation 3:4-5, 3:18, 4:4, 6:11, 7:9, 7:13-14, 15:6, 19:8, 19:14).
  2. Indicate; signify; betoken; signal; suggest; point out that.
  3. Imply; improve; give evidence that; bear witness that.
  4. Represent; stand for.
  5. Express; portray; show; exhibit.

denounce (-ed), v. [OFr denoncier < L. dēnuntiāre, give official intimation.]

Accuse; arraign; incriminate; revile; (see Deuteronomy 30:18).

dense, adj. [L. dens-us.] (webplay: parts, Thick).

  1. Obscure; difficult to see through; [fig.] intricate; complicated.
  2. Many; numerous.

dense, adv. [see dense, adj.]

Thickly; heavily; extensively; sweepingly.

dent, n. [OE dynt.] (webplay: body, made).

Gap; notch; small hollow; stroke; blow.

denuded, verbal adj. [L. dēnūdā-re, make naked, lay bare.]

Lesser; stripped; exposed.

deny (denied, -ing), v. [Fr. dénier < L. dēnegāre, say no, refuse.] (webplay: can, fact, infidel, no, one's, says, shall, statement).

  1. Withhold from.
  2. Betray; fail; neglect.
  3. Contradict; disclaim; (see Genesis 18:15).
  4. Refuse to admit.
  5. Abandon; forsake; leave; (see Joshua 24:27).
  6. Disallow; forbid; prohibit; not permit.
  7. Refuse; reject.

denying, verbal adj. [see deny, v.] (webplay: self).

Contradicting; disciplining; controlling; ascetic.

depart (departed, departing, -s), v. [OFr depart-ir < L. dispertīre, divide.] (webplay: cease, die, favor, fire, followed, found, go, God, have, judgments, land, lettest, live, lost, men, now, own, part, peace, place, pleading, thy, way, will, world).

  1. Leave; exit; withdraw; go away from; (see Genesis 12:4).
  2. Leave for; set off for; go away towards; [fig.] pass away; forsake the earthly existence; (see Zechariah 10:11).

departed, n. [see depart, v.] (webplay: God, men).

Deceased ones; dead persons; persons separated from the living.