Lexicon: departed – deportment

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departed, verbal adj. [see depart, v.] (webplay: father, fire, go, God, own, separate, will).

  1. Detached; distanced by time; lost; absent.
  2. Gone; perished; separated by death; [fig.] consumed; destroyed; obliterated; reduced to ashes.
  3. Abandoned; deviated; desisted.

departing, verbal adj. [see depart, v.] (webplay: go, God, lettest, life, own, servant, vanish, will).

  1. Dimming; fleeing; fading; shriveling; withering.
  2. Leaving; retreating.
  3. Expiring; dying; final; (see Genesis 35:18).

department, n. [ME < Fr. département; see depart, v.] (webplay: men).

  1. Role; duty; function; obligation; office; purpose; responsibility.
  2. Field; district; domain; province; realm; region; sphere.

departure, n. [OFr departeüre; see depart, v.] (webplay: bestow, go, God, have, men, perish, will, world).

  1. Leaving; exiting; exodus; withdrawal; act of going away.
  2. Separation; forsaking; deviation.

depend (-s), v. [OFr depend-re < L. dēpendere, hang.] (webplay: faithful, have, upon, will, would).

Rely; rest upon; [fig.] trust.

dependent, adj. [Fr. dépendant, hang down, depend.] (webplay: faithful, leaf, upon, without).

Conditional; needy; not able to exist or sustain oneself without the power of another.

deplore, v. [L. dēplōrāre, weep bitterly, bewail, give up as lost.]

  1. Dislike; condemn; criticize; damn.
  2. Lament; suffer; mourn; grieve.

deploy (-s), v. [Fr. déployer < L. displicāre, unfold.]

Unfold; display; extend; send out.

deport, v. [OFr deporter < L. dēportāre, convey away, banish.] (webplay: before, Let, us).

Behave; comport; transport; carry away; carry off.

deportment (-s), n. [OFr deportement; see deport, v.] (webplay: country, goddess, Let, like, told).

Conduct; carriage; behavior; demeanor; bearing.