Lexicon: depose – deriding

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depose (-d, -s), v. [Fr. dépose-r < late L. pausāre, cease, lie down.] (webplay: court, fall, give, king, other).

Lay; place; put; degrade; [fig.] dethrone; (see Daniel 5:20).

deposit (-ing, -s), v. [Fr. depositer, commit into the keeping, trust of.] (webplay: charged, given, hands, safe-keeping).

  1. Lay down; put in place; set down.
  2. Entrust; consign; commit to the care of.

depreciate, v. [L. dēpretiāt-, lower in price.]

Discount; minimize; devalue; cheapen; reduce; downgrade.

depredation, n. [Fr. déprédation < L. dēpreædātiōn-em, plundering.]

Waste; consumption; pillaging.

deprive (-d), v. [OFr depriver < late L. dēprīvāre, deprive.] (webplay: debar, face, man, wisdom).

Rob; dispossess; strip; take; bereave; (see Genesis 27:45).

depth (-s), n. [ON dýpt.] (webplay: compass, face, feet, height, infinite, men, night, rear, stillest, unfathomable).

  1. Visibility; fair sky; clear atmosphere; visual acuity; sense of three-dimensional space; [fig.] import; meaningfulness; significance.
  2. Richness of hue; intensity of color.
  3. Abyss; profoundness; profundity; extent of penetration.
  4. Measure; quantity; expanse; extent; infinity; (see Exodus 15:8).
  5. Deepness; distance down; length from surface to bottom in a body of water.

depute (-d), v. [Fr. députer < L. dēputāre, consider as, destine, allot.] (webplay: man, more, name).

Appoint; assign; send with a special commission; (see 2 Samuel 15:3).

deputy (deputies), n. [Fr. député; see depute, v.] (webplay: may, send).

Representative; law enforcer; person appointed or elected.

derided, verbal adj. [L.; see deriding, verbal adv.]

Poor; humble; lowly; unappreciated; mocked, ridiculed; laughed at in contempt.

deriding, verbal adv. [L. dērīdē-re, laugh to scorn, scoff at; see deriding, verbal adj.] (webplay: turn).

Mocking; ridiculing; laughing; [word play on “riding”] swooping; gliding; soaring; rollicking; [fig.] calling; chirping.