Lexicon: design – despair

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design (designed), v. [Fr. désigner, denote, signify, prescribe, appoint.]

Decide; devise; plan; intend; resolve.

designate, v. [L. dēsignāre, mark or trace out, contrive, devise, appoint to an office.] (webplay: limits, place).

Entitle; label; tag; mark; characterize.

designate (-d), verbal adj. [L. dēsignāt-us; see designate, v.]

Determined; deemed; called; indicated; denoted.

desire (-'s), n. [ME < OFr desir < L. dēsīderāre, miss, long for.] (webplay: longing, man, mind, reaching, shall, thing, want, will).

Longing; want; yearning; craving; (see Genesis 3:16).

desire (-d, -s), v. [see desire, n.] (webplay: all, every, face, little, makes, other, satisfiest, see, shall, some).

Want; yearn; crave; hunger; choose; covet; (see Genesis 3:6).

desireless, adj. [see desire, n.] (webplay: all, little, living, makes, neither, other, pleasure, supposed).

Free from desire.

desist, v. [OFr desister < L. dēsist-ere, stop, stand still.]

Refrain; stop; cease; abandon.

desolation, n. [Fr. désolation < L. dēsōlāre, leave alone, desert.]

Void; emptiness; hollow; (see Leviticus 26:31).

despair (-'s), n. [ME dis-peir.] (webplay: all, blessings, causes, give, God, here, hope, life, loss, safety, without).

Hopelessness; desperation; destitution of expectation; (see 2 Corinthians 4:8).

despair (-ed), v. [ME < L. dēspērāre, despair, lose hope.] (webplay: all, even, hope, life, placed, safety, without).

Desperate; deprive; give up hope; (see Ecclesiastes 2:20).