Lexicon: despatch – detachment

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despatch, n. [see despatch, v.] (webplay: company, court).

Missive; letter; message; proclamation; gospel; news report.

despatch (-ed), v. [early It. dispacciare, hasten, speed, rid away any work.] (webplay: away, company, go, make, off, some).

Send; deliver; proclaim.

despise, v. [OFr < L. dēspicere, look down upon.] (webplay: else, have, will).

Abhor; scorn; sneer; loathe; condemn; look down on; exhibit contempt; (see Genesis 16:4).

despoiled, verbal adj. [ME < L. dēspoliāre, plunder, rob, strip of clothing.] (webplay: one).

Useless; marred; destroyed; deprived; robbed; stripped of worth.

despot, n. [OFr < Gk. δεσπότης, master, lord.] (webplay: control, king, tyrannical).

Emperor; king; prince; nobility; tyrant; ruler with absolute power; ruling without any control from men, constitution, or laws.

destiny (destinies), n. [ME < OFr destinée.] (webplay: divine, know, life, out, them).

Fate; power; lot; appointed condition.

destitute, adj. [L. dēstitūt-us, abandoned, forsaken, deserted.] (webplay: thing, will, who).

Impoverished; lonely; penniless; void; barren; friendless; comfortless; (see Psalms 141:8).

destitution, n. [Fr. < L. dēstitūtiōn-em, forsaking, abandoning.] (webplay: abject, having, who, will).

Want; poverty; neediness.

destroy, v. [ME < L. dēstruere, deconstruct.] (webplay: might).

Ruin; annihilate; demolish; (see Genesis 6:7).

detachment (-s), n. [Fr. détachement.] (webplay: army, regiments, some).

Regiment; corps; body; crew.