Lexicon: didn't – differently

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didn't, v. [see did.]

did'nt, v. [see did.]

didst, v. [see did.]

did'st, v. [see did.]

die (-d, dying, -s), v. [Early ME.] (webplay: activity, affecting, among, away, ball, banished, being, blood, blow, born, breast, brethren, brisk, called, caught, cause, ceased, child, Christ, circumstance, cold, color, common, darkness, decayed, deep, depart, desires, dies away, disappear, distinct, divine, dominion, drops, dull, Egypt, end, endure, enemy, eternal, everlastingly, expire, extremely, eye, faith, fall, fame, father, feeling, frost, functions, gates, given, God, grace, Greek, grief, hands, head, heart, heavy, horror, hour, hunger, imitating, immortal, incapable of conception, indifference, kill, land, language, law, life, livest, lose, love, manner of dying, master, means, men, mortal, motion, murder, name, nature, night, occasion, pale, passed, people, perfectly, perish, permanent, perpetual, plain, pleasures, portion, power, prayer, punished, recede, remain, renewed, restored, rights, rising, sake, seas, season, second death, secret, separation, ship's, sickness, sight, signifies, slain, sleep, sought, soul, sound, spiritless, spoken, still, stock, stone, suffer, tasteless, thirst, time, tree, truth, use, useless, velocity, vital, vulgar, want, water, weight, wind, wine, words, works, world, wound, young).

  1. Perish; lose physical consciousness; (see Luke 8:32).
  2. Lose life force; [fig.] become extinct from creation; (see Genesis 6:17).
  3. Cease; conclude life; finish breathing; come to an end.
  4. Rot; ripen completely; turn bad; become overly mature; [Franklin has “dye”] redden; darken; change to a deeper color.
  5. Pass away; perish; depart from this world; (see Genesis 5:5).
  6. Expire completely; pass away permanently; cease to exist forever; [fig.] be exhaled entirely; run out of breath.

Dieman (-'s), proper n. [See Van Dieman's Land, proper n.]

differ (-ed), v. [Fr. < L. differ-re, tend apart or diversely in nature or character.] (webplay: all, one, sameness, than).

Vary; disagree; change in characteristics; (see 1 Corinthians 4:7).

difference, n. [Fr.] (webplay: after, all, another, between, branch, certain, crowded, divers, form, glory, light, nature, never, one, sameness, separate, show, sometimes, species, sum, than, words).

Distinction; discrepancy; inconsistency; variation; (see Exodus 11:7).

different, adj. [Fr. < L. different-em, have opposite bearings; see differ, v.] (webplay: all, another, belonging, between, debate, distant, exist, first, found, free, glory, Jew, less, light, men, move, nature, never, one, persons, show, sometimes, star, suppose, than, things).

  1. Distinct; variant; separate.
  2. Peculiar; curious; distinctive.

differently, adv. [see different, adj.] (webplay: persons, sometimes, suppose, things).

Variously; diversely; dissimilarly.